1970’s Dave + (Howard*Mobuku) = Awesome

My Mother just sent me some photos of mine. One of them (I don’t know where she got it) is of Jenson, Spence, Howard, Mark, and myself sitting on the filth couch in AC. The picture of the Beaver Hunter, the picture of the little black girl with the pink elephant, and a robot are on the walls. Spence, Mark, and I aren’t doing anything really exciting (except for Spence had bigger hair than I remember him having). Howard, on the other hand, has Mobuku between his legs as usual. Jenson had a typical awesome Jenson face going on. What really struck me though is how much Jenson looks like any number of my Dads friends in pictures that go way back to his own college days. Is it just me, or does Jenson sometimes look like he belongs in the mid seventies?

It’s an actual physical photo. Otherwise I’d have it up here. I’ll try to scan it at work this week.

Oh yeah. Incidentally, the picture was taken on 4/20/2005. Ha ha ha!
Sorry Howard.

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