emeline and i leave for italy tomorrow morning. we’ll get to meet up with alan in bern and we’ll see emily conrad as well. i’m excited to kick pigeons and do all that other stuff i wanted to as a missionary but couldn’t.

surf hair

emeline made some major progress yesterday. you see, she’s been searching for something. she’s really felt like something was missing. perhaps the flame had died. perhaps she had lost that loving feeling. whatever it was, she was looking. and she found it. the answer is surf hair. yes, dave. surf hair. her hair is now shiny and healthy and stays just where she wants it. thank you, target. and thank you surf hair.

Mustache of Beard

So right now I’ve got a bad beard that isn’t that bad and I’m going to start interviewing for jobs. I’m thinking that shaving it down to a mustache is probably the right thing do for job interviews. I’ve got my first interview tommorrow so I guess I’ll go with the mustache and see how it goes. I think nothing says professional like “mustache.”

Vice president Cheney

I’m on the phone right now trying to see if there are tickets left for graduation. I can’t wait to sit for 2 hours and listen to some dude talk about how cool we are. Good thing I borrowed my dad’s iPod video. can you say arrested development?


Hey everybody.

I’m getting ready to leave for England this Thurs with John Bennion’s reading and writing and walking study abroad group.
I’m excited for it, but am sad to leave Amy, but it’s only 6 weeks. I’ll be starting law school this August at George Washington in D.C. I’m pretty stoked about it, but it’s really expensive.

The Vajra album is nearly finished. Only one more track to go and it’s about half way done. I’ll try to get everyone a copy when it’s done.

Life is good.