Y’all is a bunch of Terd Fergusons

Hey Team Awesome. Rad to hear your latest updates. Congratulations to all the new college graduates. Congrulations to Mark on Teach for America, Spencer and Emeline on Surf Hair and traveling to Europe, Jordan on graduating and heading to George Washington (University or the actual guy’s grave?) for law school, and Dave for both the upcoming nuptials (we got the invite yesterday, thanks) and the kick-A mustache. It is so nice to be able to be in school without an honor code that regulates my dress and grooming. I’m still in school right now. Today was the last day of my classes, and now I have two papers left to write. One’s due on Monday (18th century British literature–I’m writing on the oak tree as political symbol through the century–exciting stuff let me assure you), and the other on Wednesday (Bakhtinian ethical engagement and the problem of sympathy for the Muselmann in the writings of Primo Levi and Paul Steinberg). So it’s fair to say that you are all a lot happier than I am this week, especially Jon Stoffer, what with a Lords of Warcraft lair and a bunch of Calithletes moving in to the HOC. Elisa and I will be in Madison most of the summer, but were going to venture out to Chicago and Nauvoo for a few days at the beginning of June with her parents, and then my family’s going to come out for a few days later in June. We’re going to be in Boise at the end of July for Nelli’s wedding (Elisa’s little sister). She’s marrying a guy I used to go to high school with. His name is Ned Crofts. He’s best friends with Jake Hone, a guy some of you might know from BYU. Is anyone going to be in ‘sconsin this summer? Let us know if you are. Apart from that, I’m looking for a job, sans mustache, which means its basically a dead-end search and we’re planning a pilgrimage to the Holy Cow some time this summer. Spring is here and the weather is finally awesome here. It’s humid, but green and gorgeous. Every day I bike to school along this beautiful lakeside path surrounded by trees and about 10 feet from Lake Mendota. Life is pretty sweet. Hope that you enjoy Switzerland Alan. Sorry we never got back to you about that. I don’t think you can really go wrong. I loved Geneva, Interlaken, and Lucerne (my top three). Lucerne was the best city I thought and Interlaken the most scenic/beautiful place ever. There’s also this scenic golden-rail train with the roof made of glass, so you can see some pretty awesome stuff if you take it. It runs between Geneve and Interlaken I think, or somewhere around there, and if you’re making that trip anyway, it’s definitely worth it.
Peace out all
Steel and Elisa


Hez Guys. Things are great here in Europe. After leaving Norway I flew to Germanz where I went to this little town called heidelberg. Lookit up on google images. it§s waz cool. It had this really old castle and all these cool churches. It was way neat.

I am leaving Prague today and heading for Switzerland. Prague was great, though much smaller than I thought it would be. I swear by the end of the second day I was feeling like I knew the whole city. I could get anywhere we wanted without even looking at a map. I must have walked all over the city twice. The city is really beautiful though so I didn§t mind it being small. I took over 250 pictures just to give you an idea. Last night I watched the sun set over the castle in prague. It was an awesome site because it was cloudy and the clouds really picked up the pink.

So pretty much things are going great. Hopefully there will be some free internet in switzerland. I am meeting up with Spencer in three days. Yippee.

Hello, hello!

Welcome to my vertigo! That’s right, guys, the amazing lyrics of Bonoman. Well, I thought I’d post something real exciting about life, and I’m sure that you will all be surprised to find out…Jennejohn and I are in the library, it’s nine o’clock at night and I’ve already graduated from college! I just can’t get away from this place. Actually, I just have tons of work to get ready for Teach for America, which is going to be awesome. Dan and I are the last ones left in the house, except for Jon Stoffer, who has claimed a corner as both his bed and his World of Warcraft lair. However, the new move-ins should be interesting. They are all athletes, and most of them moved in from the Belmont. Why they moved into our place, I still don’t know. Anyway, it should be awesome. We now have a couple of California license plates in our front drive. Rock on and be excellent to each other.

Off to Europe

Hey All,

I am safely back in Delafield, Wisconsin. I made the drive in really good time and I am just finishing up a few last things before I ship off to Europe. After two days of almost-non-stop driving, a 12 hour flight is going to be easy, especially because I won’t be doing the flying. Anyway, I’ll be in Norway, Prague, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy in case you were wondering, and I will be there just over two weeks. Like Spence said, I am meeting the Gardeners and Emily Conrad in Bern. Anyway, I will try and post a few things while I am over there. Can we put pictures up on this thing?