Hey hey!

Wilco was AWESOME! It was such a good show. There were three encores, and I saw so many people lighting up fatty splifs! I was totally blazin’!

Megan was in town this weekend, so we went out and saw all of the touristy stuff in Downtown DC. It was good to hang out with her again. She’s working for a food photographer in New York. She also has a man in her life so she is doing well.

Well that’s it. Tyler, if you ever read this blog, Congratulations!

News Article

Oh hey. I don’t know if any of you saw this, but there was an article in the Daily Universe last week about Jennejohn. Apparently he received an award from the MFHD department that cited him for special recognition since “he ALWAYS does the freaking dishes, guys!!!” So congrats to Dan for that.

Suggestions for ESL Idioms

Team Awesome. I need your help. I’m teaching English to two Korean kids. They are pretty rad and I’m hoping to initiate them to some of the finest Awesome city-isms, hoping to pass them off as English idioms. Any suggestions of things they absolutely must know in order to speak Awesomese? I think their homework this week will be to memorize the lyrics to All Your Base Are Belong to Us. But what next? Thanks Awesome City.

DC report

Hello from DC! So I have been living in DC for about 2 weeks now and things are going really well so far. I like my job a lot. I am on three different cases right now which is nice because when I get sick of working on one thing, I can just stop for a while and work on something a little different. So the work I am doing varies, but sometimes I am doing market research, or reading depositions, or I am putting together spreadsheets for the attorneys to use in court. Hey, do you guys remember when I was practicing for my interviews and I would always be trying to answer off-the-wall questions like “How many cars are there in China”? Well, the other day at work my manager asked me to figure out how many operating rooms there are in America. I felt very vindicated that all that senseless questioning actually came in handy.

Right now I am the only new analyst at the office. Eight others were hired but they aren’t starting til later in the summer. I’m glad I got an early start though because I’m learning things a lot faster than I otherwise would if there were a whole bunch of new people starting at the same time. I really like the people at my office as well. Everyone is really friendly and the office is pretty laid back. We even have a company softball team (our first game is today). So basically work is good and I really like what I’m doing.

The apartment that I’m living in is nice, but the lease runs out in 6 weeks so I have been keeping an eye out for a new place. I would like to find a house in Crystal City that I could play loud music in. I like my ward so far. Even though I don’t really know that many people yet I have met a few people I know. Jane Wilson (from Freshman year, Blair’s cousin) is in my ward. I went outdoor rock climbing this weekend with some guys and I will probably start going more often.

One thing that is awesome about DC is that pretty much any band that is touring comes through here. I am going to see Wilco on Thursday. Then in July its Counting Crows, Live, and Collective Soul. Then in August I am going to see Muse. So the Music scene is awesome out here, it’s just too bad that I really don’t have people to go with yet.

Anyway, this has got to be a record for the longest post ever on this blog. Hope all you guys are doing well.

Grape Nuts

How about a commercial for Grape Nuts where the guy says something like, “I think i’m going grape nuts!” and he starts acting really crazy, jumping around and hitting his head into a wall. Then his wife brings him a bowl of grape nuts and he calms down and eats the grape nuts. Then the announcer would say something after that.

jail time

so, me, emeline, amy scott, and patricia are all sitting atop the parking garage in provo this weekend watching the sunset when a cop pulls up. he gets out of the car and promptly informs us that we will be cited for criminal trespassing, at which point we look at each other and wait for him to laugh and say, “funny joke.” funny thing is, we all got citations for criminal trespassing. no warning, no reason, just a big, fat citation.

it’s times like this when i’m reminded how lucky for me that my dad’s a lawyer. it’s also times like this that i marvel at how we all managed to get through college living together without any (or all) of us getting arrested (although there was that one time with the parking boot…)

Yeah, you know, you know!

Hey guys –

Just thought I’d drop everyone a line from crazy Teach for America land…I’ve finally entered the real world. I feel kind of like we are all missionaries again and having exotic experiences. I don’t even know how many conversations I’ve had with people out here that revolve around alcohol, or how often people cite “going out”, when they really mean “getting drunk.” Anyway, it’s been fun, I’m learning. It’s actually pretty cool to get a different viewpoint on things. Whenever I tell people I’m from BYU I get this “Oh! That’s nice.” It’s funny. Anyway, keep on rocking, I love all of you, and yeah, stay in touch. Peace –