So yesterday was the official AGFFL draft, that’s the Analysis Group Fantasy Football League. It was fun because since we are an office full of numbers geeks, it couldn’t just be a simple draft. We do an auction system for players and it is really amusing to watch a room full of experts on markets bid for fantasy football players. There’s a lot of econ talk that gets thrown around with the trash talking. Plus, people build their strategies around economic theory so you know that everyone at the table is analyzing the market and adjusting their bidding structure as prices fluctuate and players become scarce. We even have the entire league built into our own excel model. The office takes fantasy football really seriously. Two of the partners and a few managers have teams and we spent about 4 hours on a workday doing the draft. I think my team did pretty well in the. We are weak on quarterbacks, but that’s OK because we have trades every week. Here’s my team roster as well as what I paid for each player if you are curious to know.

Player Team Position Price
Tomlinson, LaDainian SD RB 104
Harrison, Marvin IND WR 50
Cutler, Jay DEN QB 45
Delhomme, Jake CAR QB 28
Moss, Randy NE WR 19
Barber, Marion III DAL RB 13
Coles, Laveranues NYJ WR 10
Taylor, Fred JAC RB 8
Shockey, Jeremy NYG TE 7
Galloway, Joey TB WR 6
Culpepper, Daunte OAK QB 6
Dayne, Ron HOU RB 1
Leonard, Brian STL RB 1
Jurevicius, Joe CLE WR 1
Welker, Wes NE WR 1

In case you are wondering we don’t use real money and there is a $300 salary cap. My team also has the highest paid player in the league right now.

TA training today

So I was at my TA training today, and the director was talking about how to deal with students with disabilities. Apparently, there is a center here at the University that issues recommendation sheets for teachers to help deal with specific disabilities and students with disabilities are supposed to have one issued and present it to the teacher. In any case, the director was telling us, “So if somebody comes up to you and says they have a disability, don’t believe them. Make them prove it. Don’t believe it, say to them: “Show me.”” I couldn’t resist, so I said “You mean the disability or the sheet from the center?” He didn’t laugh. It was awesome, especially because I could see my peers slowly imagining a scenario in which we confronted disabled students and asked them to demonstrate their disability in order to convince us to give them assistance. Yeah, grad school is awesome.

what i’m going to do with my life

well, i have realized in my 2 months at the credit union that i do not want to work sucker jobs for the rest of my life. that’s why i have decided to get a graduate degree in urban planning. we’ll probably stay in provo for another year so that emeline can finish, and then move somewhere for my grad school. any tips on getting into a good school? what should i do to prepare for the gre?


I just realized that I typed “think” instead of “thick”. Sorry guys. Oh-yeah, everyone here goes to bed early so when I stay up late I read or I watch this wicked awesome t.v. channel that shows boxing, ultimate fighting, or rodeo’s late at night. It’s pretty much the baddest channel ever.



Hey dudes, I finally got on this thing! I’ve been in Wisconsin for about a week. I was just in the provincial “up north” at this restaurant with a sod roof that had goats on it and the lady who called out the party names had such a think Wisconsin accent it started to freak me out. Then I was at this pub and grill the other day and when I told the waitress I wanted a hamburger I freaked her out. She asked me if I wanted cheese on the burger and when I said no she asked me another two times as if I would realize the mistake I made by not ordering a cheeseburger. I don’t feel like I fit in around here anymore.

As I was leaving Provo, I was reflecting on the past 4 years and the good times that we all had together. Being friends with you guys has meant a great deal to me and I just wanted to say thanks for everything.

Enough of that. Jenson did you cry in front of your middle school class? Steel, I’ll be around for a few weeks and we should do something. Give me a call at 262-965-2425.


Law School: It’s for suckers.

So, I’ve been in law school 3 days now, which basically makes me an expert since that’s twice as long as Dave was there. So far, everybody shows up 20 minutes early to class with their laptops open ready to go. I get there 5 minutes early and open up my notebook and start doodling. I’m trying to master paisleys. When the prof starts talking it sounds like a B-52 bomber is taking off because there is so much typing going on. It’s like everybody thinks that for every word the professor says that they transcribe they will receive some sort of bonus compensation or internship. So yeah, it’s basically awesome.

I can’t wait to graduate and start suing people for trillions of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Cause it’s all about the Benjamins.

The subject matter is pretty interesting and the teachers are amazing. I’ve got some really great professors. John Turley,my Torts prof is on MSNBC a lot I guess. He drinks a lot of diet coke in class. Then this other teacher, Cunningham sweats straight through his shirt which is wicked. It’s going to be an interesting year.

Junior High

So I’ve been long term substituting at a Junior High which basically means I have the same responsibilities as a real teacher but without any guidance or supervision. I’ve found that the kids there really think the hang loose sign is pretty sweet. I’ve got a bunch of latino kids giving it to me everyday. I’ve also found that kids respond well to having their teacher cry. That might be something for you to remember Mark.
And a sweet band I’ve been listening to a lot recently which some of you may have heard of…U2. Thats right I’m hooked on the Edge, Bono, Larry and the other guy. My current favorite song, “All I Want is You.” No sarcasim was even intended in that paragraph.
I’ve also been listening to a lot of Bruce Springsteen and Okkervil River. Okkervil River is kind of alt-country.

A song by a female singer that blew me away

So I was driving home today and I heard this song and at first I thought it might be Regina Spektor but it wasn’t and while it was almost sappy, I thought it was awesome. It’s called the Story by Brandi Carlile. I don’t know much about who she is, but she’s on a major label which kind of sucks, but her last album was produced in less than 2 weeks by T-Bone Burnett and there’s a couple of moments in the song that just blew me away because they left in imperfectly perfect vocals (around 2:25 and 2:53-57). It’s spine chillingly good and rocks pretty well for a ballad.