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Saw this article today.
I think it is more than coincidental that Bill Gates would time this release so near the recent buddings in Jon Stoffer’s love life. Will the romance he has aroused withstand the obvious threat posed by Halo 3? Only time can tell. Even Rome: Total War did not have such disastrous potential.

Hot, Ready, and 31

Today at work we went to Little Caesars again. Not the same one as last time. This one was inside a K-mart and was an “Official Pizza Station”. The lady working the counter was named Cherise. I only know that because the 2 dozen hoodlum high school kids who came in after us called her by name.

We asked about the Hot ‘N’ Ready deal. With a smile and a sparkle in her eye she said they do things differently at this Little Caesars. Next thing I know she is telling us how she can give us free food because she is older than us.

Turns out that Cherise is 31 years old and has been working at the K-mark Little Caesars Official Pizza Station for 13 years. She loves the high school kids who come in everyday. And she admits that they break the Little Caesars mold at this particular Little Caesars. When we press her to know what she means by “break the mold” she confesses “We use more cheese than we are supposed to.”

There were three of us. We buy a value meal and a pizza. The value meal comes with 2 drinks. Cherise tells us there is no way we are paying for the third drink, it’s on the house. At this point about 25 high school kids show up and within 5 minutes they are all eating their own pizzas. I think I was witness to a miracle.

Top all of this off, the kid working the cash register was a pasty pale teen wearing a grey muscle tank top and a weird weird cowboy/Native American/summer camp/DI purchase/piece of garbage? necklace thing. I might of thought the thing around his neck was a joke, but this kid wasn’t joking about anything. He ran from the cash register to the oven to the soda machine the whole time greeting everyone with what little breath he had left. From his earnest approach I learned something that I think I had forgotten; the pizza really is important.

After the meal (by the way they do use more cheese) I head up to the cash register to pay. The guys I’m with had given me some cash and change and I was going to pay with my card, but this Little Caesars doesn’t accept credit cards. Cherise asks me how much I have. I count out all the change and I am almost 3 dollars short of the 12 needed. She looks at me and smiles. Suddenly the machine reads 10 dollars. Then she dumps out the tip jar, counts out 10 dollars, scoops the money up into her arms and sais “Who cares? I’m going to keep it all anyways!”

So there you have it. Little Caesars. Quality Employees. Crappy Pizza. Extra Cheesy.


How to put this?

I guess I could…or mabey…O how about…mmmm…

Lets just say that if you have the choice between calling me and not calling me right now… I would wager a guess that it would be in your best intrest to call me.

ya that should do it.

High Pants

So yesterday one of the teachers I work with had a substitute which was no problem. He wanted to run the show and take charge of the class which was also no problem. This guy was about 60 years old and he was wearing pants that hung slightly above his belly button which again was no problem. Then this student turned to me and said something like, “Mr. Jenson whats the deal with that guys pants?” I had already noticed the pants but for some reason this kid’s comment made me lose it. People have been asking me a lot lately what do I do when a kid says something that is really funny but is being disruptive. Usually i just ignore it but this kid set me off. For the rest of the class I was about to burst up laughing at any moment. This kid started walking around the class with his shorts jacked up really high. For the next 45 minutes the class was extremely difficult to control and now they take me even less seriously. It was awesome.

Hot ‘N’ Ready

So one of the construction guys I work with always talks about how much he loves Hot ‘N’ Ready pizza from Little Caesars. I wasn’t too surprised. After all, this is the same guy who was absolutely amazed when I informed him that you can go a steal donuts out of Provo Bakery’s dumpster. He still lives at home so the idea of spending money on food is still pretty foreign to him. Which is why he likes Hot ‘N’ Ready, 5 bucks for a whole pizza. What could be better?

We are in the car on our way to Little Caesars and I am listing the many reasons why their pizza is deplorable. I conclude my argument with the observation that the employees at Little Caesars are the most uninspiring rabble you’ll ever see. All of this is lost on my co-worker as we pull up to the strip mall. He’s thinking about the pizza.

Inside the store I ask the girl with the really dark make up if they sell gift certificates. I try to carry around 5 dollar gift certificates to give the people bumming for change. I figure Little Caesars is a good option. I used to use McDonald’s but not anymore. MdDonalds is the tip on Satan’s horns. Anyways, this is the ensuing conversation:

Girl: No we don’t sell gift certificates.

Me: OK, no problem.

At this point we order the pizza and bread sticks, pay and are about the leave when I see a large sign on the wall that says:

Attention Customers- Little Caesars is now offering 5 dollars gift certificates for purchase!

Me: Hey, what about that sign?

Girl: I don’t know anything about that.

Me: Uhm… can I get one?

Girl: Huh?

Me: Is there anyone who knows?

Girl: Here is your pizza (big smile as she hands me the white and orange box).

So there you have it. Little Caesars employees. A couple years ago I was in Janina’s house and a crazy woman came in saying she was collecting change for the Tony Robbins Institute. Then she took a bunch of licorice we were using for gingerbread houses, held it to her chest, and said “We will be together forever” Then she left. I saw her the other day dancing for Little Caesars with the 5 dollar Hot ‘N’ Ready orange stop sign. I know most of those dancers work for crack, but I think she might be working for licorice.

guess what!

have you ever been struck by the overtly liberal (read: satan-loving) spin put on all wikipedia articles? i know i have. thankfully, the same people who brought fair and balanced (ala fox news) to the world are compiling a whole new online reference database (minus satan): conservapedia! that’s right. check it out now at you’ll learn such undeniable truths as the real story behind joseph mccarthy’s honorable and visionary campaign against the reds (the communists finally managed to have him removed by pulling some strings in the senate).

I guess you all will want to know

So I went to Spamalot yesterday, it was awsome. My favorite part were the French because they were even more steriotypical and more sexually rude and inappropriet then in the movie. It was very nice<-say in a Borat voice. It also had some awsome randomness to it a fun night all around. Oh and it ended with my hand getting held on so BAM SUCKA. Halley doesn't know if she wants to be in a relationship so I basically told her set the pase. If the relationship does progress it is basically up to her to make it happon so all I can do now is keep hanging out with her and see what happons.