Somali Pirates and South Korean fighting monks

During my lunch break I was reading BBC news (which I recommend as a good news source) and apparently some Somali Pirates hijacked a South Korean shipping vessel. They South Koreans then “overpowered” the Somalis and took their ship back. The article said that there were 22 Koreans and 8 Somali pirates but it was probably the other way around and the Koreans were martial artists/monks who destroyed those pirates with their amazing and ruthless martial artist skills. Awesome.

Oh yeah I also heard that there were robots involved. Giant ones. Ha!


Hey guys Octerberfest has come and gone. It was an excellent event. Sidwell was there hosting as usual and they had more brots then I would have thought there were enough pigs and old shoes in the world to even make. I didn’t stay till the very end but I got the bulk of it. Here are a few pics to live the festival by. Also the costumes were awesome this year, 4 guys came as Diva there were dictators, soccer players and even a Luigi?! The funniest part was during human foose ball when the 2 goals were “evil dictator” and “Texan President”


emeline is here in the library watching a shakespeare movie for her class so i have accompanied her. this is mostly because we don’t have internet at home so this means i can check out the latest on that’s what it means to my coworkers, at least.

all i ever hear about at work is survivor and dancing with the stars.

my mom told me once that if i watched too much tv i would start to grow antennae. i’m starting to think she was telling me half-truths just to get me away from the tv because none of the girls i work with has started growing them yet…


So yesterday Dan, Jordan, and I watched the Rugby World Cup. It was awesome! I’ve decided that rugby is more fun to watch than football because the action doesn’t stop and there is a lot more bloodshed. You guys should watch it in four years.

Another cool thing that happened this week… I got my first credit card! That’s right, the powers at the bank finally decided to take a risk on me. I have a $500 credit limit and if I spend enough money with it, I’ll get $5 back! YEAH!!! I think I’ll finally get that pair of work slacks I’ve been eyeing at TJ Max.

Soap Opera’s and the Red Hat Society

Way to go on getting your dream job Howard. I’m sure you will be awesome at it. While the actual tasks I perform at API are pretty menial it is a pretty cool place to work. They let me sit in on the certifications department monthly meeting and I learned all about the different services that API’s certifications department offers. They certify petroleum industry products, practices, and policy. it’s pretty interesting. There seems to be a possibility of this turning into a permanent job. We’ll see. I eat my lunch in the break room which is awesome because it is just me and at least four other middle aged black women who only interrupt their conversations about their red hat society to comment on the soap opera playing on tv. It’s pretty funny but what isn’t funny is that the red hat society is more prevalent in our society than I previously thought. Other than wear ridiculous red hats, what do they even do?

Work and Literature

Congradulations Dan! Having a job is awesome. I know that because I also got a job. I got hired back at ANASAZI. My position is education specialist. My responsibilities are mainly with working with Youngwalkers and schools and getting them high school credit for completing the ANASAZI program. I’m a mentor to a bunch of Trailwalkers as well. I also go out to the trail once a week and teach all sorts of primitive skills. It’s pretty much my dream job. I have an office and insurance and work with awesome people. Pretty blessed. Check out this.

Feb 2007 Married to beautiful Rachelle
April 2007 Graduated BYU
Oktober 2007 Got the dream job
Dec 2007 going to have my first born son

2007 has been a year of blessings. Just thought I’d let you guys know I attribute these blessings to a decision that I made while living in the Villa to follow the prophet and apostles. Living with you guys helped me get to a point where I was able to make that decision. I miss you guys. I wish you all the best.

Work and Literature

I got a job. I’m working for the American Petroleum Institute on a project that involves digitizing their certification files. The work is pretty menial but it is a good place for me to be right now. The people are cool and although it is not renewable energy it is a step in the right direction in regards to my goal to know all I can about the energy industry.

I also just finished Les Miserables. You guys should read that book. It’s awesome. It’s one of the longest books I have read but it made me think a lot about the way I view and treat other people. It is also a really good commentary/analysis on timeless social, political, and historical issues. I’m hardly doing it justice but I guarantee that you wouldn’t be wasting your time if you read it.

Agreement in the OC

Jon boy –

I’m agreeing with you on “Heroes.” In general, this season has been a bit more disappointing to me than the last season. We’ll see – I want to see Hiro and Ando back together, I want to see the Petrelli brothers teamed up, and I’d like to see Claire fall for a decent man once in a while, cuz let’s be honest – she is a babe.
So here I am, sitting in the OC after a fine day of surfing during my fall break. I keep hoping that Buster or Gob or someone recognizable from Arrested Development would show up and spice things up, but it actually is a pretty nice place. I’ve been staying at my aunt’s beach house in Newport Beach, including a morning jog to Balboa Island, where I see hundreds of women in their sixties who could easily be Lucille Bluth. It is beautiful down here, however, and there are a lot of beautiful women. So, that’s been my fall break. Conference was great; life in general is pretty good. Rock on, Team Awesome.
– Mark


I need to complain about the ending to the last episode of Heros to some one. Why was Clair surprised or angry with her father after the West story?! Dude she had already gone through this crap with her dad and forgave him a long time ago. I would have beleived it more if she had just laughed and said “Thats my pop.” I mean my gosh! She knew that thats what his old job was. She knew he was slightly brain washed by the companey at the time and she knows that that is not the same man as the one he has become. He has admitted to his mistakes, he has turned over a new leaf, and she efing knows it! If this develops into any kind of a new rift between them I will loose all intrest in their story line. Also I would like to go on record as to say West is a peeping Tom, total A-hole and Claire is too good for him.