Denorex definitely does give your scalp a tingle when you first use it. The tingle is refreshing and you begin to think that this scalp condition has finally been taken care of but with Denorex much like a with hard narcotic like cocaine the effects lessen with each use. By the third washing you find yourself using more shampoo than you ever thought would be necessary and the tingle is almost totally nonexistent. You think maybe I should just use more or leave the shampoo in for longer. You try anything to bring back that refreshing tingle that you felt with the first Denorex usage. But the tingle is gone and your scalp is dry and itchy.

This is the sandwich I ate for lunch on Conference Sunday. I used two slices of whole grain bread because it’s good for you. I used three slices of ripened on the vine tomato because it’s good for you. A bunch of turkey because it’s good for you. Green leaf lettuce because it’s good for you. Spicy brown mustard because it adds flavor, it’s not bad for you, and what person in their right mind would eat nancy yellow French’s mustard. Lastly, monteray jack cheese because it has a low calorie content per ounce and adds flavor.

Mr. E – “The Mid-Evil Period vs. the Renaissance”

So this last week I assigned my students a short essay comparing the historical/literary differences between the medieval period and the Renaissance, and suffice to say that I got some pretty wicked responses.
Student #1 – “Mostly in the Renaissance they were interested in drinking fine wine, and life really sucked in the medieval age. If U R not into this time period, the Renaissance, then there are many things wrong…”
Student #2 – “The Mid-Evil age was the worst time of all because it was evil…”
Student #3 (remember that this students CANNOT write complete simple sentences, let along articulate these thoughts…) – “The historiography of the Renaissance leaned away from the dogmatic formulaics of the medieval and more towards a neo-Aristotelian approach…” Seriously – I mean, SERIOUSLY! I googled it and it was straight out of the Wikipedia article on “The Renaissance.”
Anyway, the achievement gap continues here in Phoenix, AZ – but I’m out there everyday, teaching kids poetry, using Outkast to get through to them…and I like it. I can’t say that I’m in love with it, but I do have some really cool one-on-one moments with students who really want a better life. And, it looks like I will be coaching track in the spring, so that should be cool.
Last night, Trevor Weed and I had a party. We live in the hip artsy part of downtown Phoenix, and every first Friday of the month they have an artwalk in our neighborhood where tons of houses and art galleries open up for visitors. We told people to come to our house afterward, and we’d follow it up with a little art of our own. So, Trevor and I read some poetry, but then we got this guy from our ward to do this AMAZing dramatic interpretation of “The Raven”, coming down the spiral staircase in the darkness at our house. The folks loved it, and it was a good time.
Anyway, things are good, I’ve got a week off, so I’m heading to the beach in Cali. I hope I can do some surfing and live it up – I figure it’ll probably be a lot like ProCal. OC baby!


some coworkers showed me this ad for a product called ‘colonmate’. it’s supposed to be one of those things that helps clean out your colon. the ad went like this: “do you remember what you had for dinner last week?” and then there’s a picture of this grossed up piece of pizza. i don’t think i need to list the reasons for why the name ‘colonmate’ is a really bad idea, but i don’t think any of my coworkers were quite on the same page…


So I was in Boston this past weekend for work. I rarely have to travel for work, but the Boston office had a deadline they had to meet, so they pulled in the big guns. It was crazy because I was in the office til midnight on Thursday, then I had to wake up at 5:30 am to catch my flight to Boston. It was actually pretty fun despite the fact that I had to work most of the weekend. I went up with 5 other DC analysts and got to know my co-workers a little better. When I started working at AG, I think I was pretty stiff at work because I wanted to be all professional and stuff. Now I have hung out with my co-workers enough that I have loosened up a bit. Work is more fun this way. Work is also more fun when you can order expensive meals and stay in lavish hotels because the company is paying for everything during your trip to Boston.

In addition to work, not a whole lot is happening in my life. Dan is staying with me and Jordan for a while. It’s good to have him around. Jordan just bought a new amp. It’s a vintage Musicman and it sounds pretty sweet. Also, I really like like the new Kings of Leon album “Because of the Times”. You should check it out. Amy and Patricia are out here now too which is really cool. We’ve hung out a few times and it’s always good to see them.

Here are some random pictures from Provo.

The River–English Book Essay by ESL Student

So Team Awesome, in the spirit of all things awesome, allow me to humbly submit a recent essay written by an ESL student I’m tutoring. It’s perhaps the best summation of Gary Paulsen’s the River ever written. I would suggest you pay special attention the the characterization of Derek. It’s really really good. It is given as follows, in its entirety:

Life is dangerous, if you have a distressed like Brian. What should you do? The river has a key. This book is interesting. Cool character, indulge in plot, and the theme is good.

There are a lot of characters. The main character was Brian Robinson and Derek Holtzer. He is behave and smart teenager. For example, when storm is coming, Brian adapts himself to circumstances. And he serviced for hundred Mile River. When he met the waterfall also he is alive. He is so much behaving. He is smart too! Storms coming before, he knew storms coming! How does he know that? Also he knows time for watched mosquitoes. As I said Brian is smart and behaves. Derek is a weak. Just a weak so much weak. I can’t tell any trait except a weak. Why does he weak? For example, When Brian and Derek have a storm. The Brian is survived Derek has coma! Also they have waterfall. Brian doesn’t want to fall in the waterfall. So he tries to go out side! It can’t and he fall in to waterfall. He is alive!!! But Derek was drowned. And he is almost dead. I said Derek is weak.

This story also has interesting plot. One day Derek found Brian and he said he want to know how to survived in Canadian wood when he young. Anyway, they are taking a raft and go to the river. Derek doesn’t know storm is coming. But Brian knows storm is coming. The storm is coming. And they are almost dead. In fact Derek is coma. Brain and Derek traveled one hundred and nineteen miles down a river. Which was actually Nothing more than a small cabin on the river. But they have a radio and could call for help. Brain revived Derek and they are going somewhere. They heard rumbling sound. Waterfall!! They fall but Brian is lived Derek is almost dead. Finally they met people and they can go home.

The theme of river is life is dangerous.