Everyone will love this (especially Jenson)

www.fistpumps.com This site makes me wish I had photographed Jennejohn during the ‘I always do the dishes’ confrontation. It would have been gunslinger fingerpoint non-celebratory double fistpump of the millenium.

http://straightcashhomey.net/ Another classic. This seems like the kind of website that a guy like Robert (of CTRsquared and being Dave Pringle’s smelly roommate fame) would show up on.

Hope everybody is doing awesome. It’s really really cold here this winter. I want to see grass again.

dave’s journal

i got my hands on dave’s journal from the days of his spinal degeneration. thought you’d like to read a few entries:

Day 1:

This was the first day of my prolonged sickness. It all started with what seemed like a mild cold. I spent most of the day coughing and sniffling. I was well enough to go to school, but Mat Howard convinced me to ditch class and walk around campus saying hi to people we know. You can always count on your friends to keep life in perspective.

Day 5:

Saturday. I started feeling better so I decided to go snowshoeing with Courtney and Stephanie. This was probably the best idea of my entire life. Hiking wet out in the cold is so therapeutic and relaxing.

Day 6:

I still felt well enough to go to church, although my trek the day before seemed to have halted my recovery. I’m sure that sacrament meeting was spiritual. I don’t remember it too well, as I just laid my chin upon my chest and went to sleep. I was able to catch a couple of awesome phrases here and there. At these points, I laughed and turned to look at my roommates who seemed to find me more amusing than the speaker.

Day 35:

Over the course of the previous week, my condition had deteriorated to the point that I just laid on the couch watching movies with Spence. This day we watched ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. The day before was ‘A New Hope’ and the next day was ‘Return of the Jedi’. I’m glad Spence doesn’t have anything better to do.

Day 42:

At this point I started vomiting. Basically, anything that I had eaten during the previous week was expelled from my body. Man, I hate throwing up. I laid on that filthy green leather couch all day with a large pot next to me. About every hour, I would start to feel sick and run to the bathroom. Once, I didn’t make it. I was able to catch most of the yellowish liquid in the pot, but some escaped onto the floor, leaving a suspicious yellow stain. It almost looked like it might glow in the dark.

Day 44:

Today, Jordan came over. After mumbling something about how dirty and filthy we were at the house and how nice it is to live in a clean apartment, he started to clean the puke pot and the fluorescent stain on the floor. By now, the residue in the pot had taken on a honey-like consistency and color. It had stained the pot so that the bottom appeared to have burn marks.

Day 47:

We ran out of movies in the house, so Howard borrowed a bunch from some people we know. Of these, I watched a movie called ‘Omega Code 2’. Thanks to the diligent efforts of the Christian Coalition, I am now prepared for Satan to take control of the European Union. At this point, Steel found out about my sickness and came over to see how I was doing.

Day 53:

I felt awful today. I began to wonder if some of my symptoms might be signs of withdrawal from not drinking Kool-Aid for an entire week. I didn’t think I could make it. I rang the nurses about every hour to ask if they had any Kool-Aid. After a couple of hours they started to ignore me.

Day 54:

Test after test, and they finally decided on my sickness. They started therapy and gave me medicine to combat my immune system, which was attacking my spinal cord. Throughout the whole of this week, I had one constant in my life: Dolores. My friends told me she had been asking about me all week and she even came in to visit me today. She asked me how I was doing and then started to tell me about this time when she was sick and then got better. This was followed by an account of her best friend getting sick and then getting better. Originally, I thought I didn’t understand her stories because of the medicine. I have come to realize the truth. Story followed story while I slipped into a deep slumber.

Day 55: Swinkle

My experiences during my sleep can be summed up in one word: Swinkle. If you want an account of this experience, you’ll have to consult me directly, for swinkle is an event too beautiful to be constrained to a life of ink and paper.

Day 64:

I tried to go running, which turned into a demoralizing disaster. After two blocks, I had to turn around and walk home. Most of the time, I kept thinking to myself, “What would Dan Jennejohn think of me?” I never told him I had to quit.

Never Lose, Never Give in

So I’ve discovered that at job interviews all you really need to do is mention your mustache and the ice is immediately broken. Both sides of the desk can enjoy a moment of humor and suddenly you have some common ground. You both think mustaches are awesome. Beyond the icebreaker I’m not sure if I can really recommend mustaches to job seekers seeing that I am still a substitute teacher.

One interesting moment from the life of a substitute teacher was when a played an autistic kid at chess this week. The first game he mated me in like 6 moves or something but then the second game I battled with him until eventually I won. I wasn’t sure if losing to me was going to make him have some kind of a meltdown but I knew I couldn’t let him win. I just can’t ever let someone just beat me. It reminded me a little bit of the time I beat a disabled boy at connect four like 5 times in a row on my mission. Everything turned out okay because the kid was actually very graceful in defeat.

Whoa, a post on the blog!

Hey guys, it’s been a long time since I posted anything. So, I figured it was time for an update. January was a good month. Some of the highlights include:

I discovered NPR podcasts at work. – Man those things are great. I listen to “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell me”, “Fresh Air”, and “All Songs Considered” the most. They really help me make it through some of the longer days at work.

I became an avid Ron Paul supporter. – Like many people, I was pretty apathetic to the whole political world in general until I heard Ron Paul’s message of freedom, peace and prosperity. That guy has the vision that this country needs. I suggest you guys check out his website (ronpaul2008.com) or at least his Youtube videos.

I started dating someone. – She is a corporate lawyer from Sandy, Utah. She is cute and smart and so far the paddleboats of DC are safe.

I am still working. – I still like what I am doing, and though not all of it is super-fun I am learning a lot, and cool things pop up every once in a while. For example, earlier this month I was handed a case where a whole bunch of documents were sent to us in Norwegian. Since I am the only one at the company who speaks it, I was a shoe in for the job. I never thought in a million years that I would be using my Norwegian in any kind of professional way. It’s pretty awesome.

Well, that’s about all that is happening in my life. Sorry I don’t call you guys that often but I do miss you guys and the good ol’ days at the Y. Living with Dan and Jordan has been a lot of fun though. Stay awesome everyone!