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Well, everyone. I did the best I could:, but I can’t for the life of me remember the two Robert’s names, nor who sang which parts (I think Chad was the tenor, and I know tall, sunglasses-indorrs Robert was the bass, but that’s it). Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m thinking about discography, list of singles, more info on their live dates, etc. Thanks Awesome City, I knew you’d come through!

Hello Friends

I had a pretty sweet mustache going at Christmas time. In other news I’ve got a job where I’m a behavior coach. I follow kids around that have behavior problems and I blow a whistle any time they do something wrong. It’s a weird job. I don’t really use a whistle but I’m planning to buy one. I just can’t get the funding. Its a public social agency. They can’t afford things like that. Maybe I’ll buy the whistle out of my own pocket. I should have been an economist.

In other news I saw the Presidents of the United States of America. It was a free concert at a local shopping center. The most surprising part of the whole experience was how happy the band seemed to be. They were perfectly content with playing a free show at a local shopping center. They just wanted to have an opportunity to rock. As i stood there in the crowd of shoppers I think we could all agree that the Presidents were rocking. If i was 15 it would have been the best night of my life. Being 27 I left before they did the encore.

New House

Jordan and Dan and I are moving. I got sick of living in a big apartment complex and I found this place that is perfect. It has all three things that I was looking for in a new house.

1) It has a basement, so music can be played loudly.
2) It is close to the Metro.
3) It is bigger than my apartment.

I’m pretty excited about it. I saw the house a week ago but was waiting to fill out an application until I could get someone to take over my lease at the apartment complex. By Sunday that still hadn’t happened. But then, I got an email from a girl on Craigslist that came by and loved the apartment. So as soon as I got a ‘yes’ from her, Dan and I ran an application over to the owner of the house. The owner said that someone had already submitted an application which worried me, until she found out that we were Mormon. Then she started telling us how she has another house that she rents to a group of Mormon girls and that they are the best tenants and she loves them and she thinks Mitt Romney is so great. She called the next day and said she was giving the lease to us.

So it’s good to be Mormon guys. These are the kind of fringe benefits they don’t talk about in the missionary discussions.

The house is about six blocks away from where we live now. We will be moving in the first week of April.

USC Frat house

Gentlemen –

I have now had the most foreign of experiences – I spent the night in a USC frat house. And can I just say, for the sake of reinforcing all of the boxes that we put each other into, that every stereotype was fulfilled? It was a filthy place; Jennejohn, it was WAY filthier than awesome city ever was. I was about to sleep on the floor when I realized that my floormates would be cockroaches. I got there around midnight, and it was totally quiet. But then, around 1 am, the place is bustling, until about 2 am. Guys walking in saying, “You’re still high?” or “I’ve got to get my buddy’s project for this class, and you can just use his.” No sex, but I did fall asleep around 2 in the morning. Anyway, it was hilarious, and an adventure, but I’m hoping that I don’t have to do it again anytime soon. I interviewed with an asset management firm today, the Capital Group, and it was a great experience. One of the guys who is in the program that I interviewed for was this German who got his doctorate in history from Cambridge, and him and I totally hit it off (mostly because he’s kind of mischievous). Anyway, I hope everything is well with you guys, if any of you feel like coming out to LA this week, do it.