Chuck Brown

You should all check out Chuck Brown. The origination of Go-go (a sub-genre of funk developed in and around the D.C. area) is attributed to him. He’s got some awesome songs and you can even detect a Latin groove in some of them. They will you move man.

c.s. lewis

today at work people started to discuss the work of c.s. lewis. the conversation was about what you’d expect from a group of utah mormon women, especially the part where one of them goes, “he was lds wasn’t he?”

mark: 1, satan: 0

Awesome City Essay Contest

Hello Awesome City. I am thrilled to announce that we here at Awesome Village Madison have decided to host the first ever Awesome City Essay Contest. The rules are very simple. In order to enter the contest, each contestant must submit an original essay of no more than 2500 words describing their greatest haircut/facial hair combination. Superior essays might contain descriptions of how such combination was inadvertently/deliberately discovered, how it came to evolve, what it meant on a larger (perhaps cosmic) level, along with a smattering of humorous anecdotes regarding other people’s responses/reactions to said hair. For example, if I were eligible for this competition, I would consider relating the account of my decision to shave steps into my hair while a junior in high school and my subsequent interview with a 70+ year old American Legionnaire and our conversation about my hair cut decision. Sadly, however, as judge of this contest, I am not eligible for the grand prize. As an incentive to all of you Awesome City-zens, the grand prize winning essay will be this gem of a t-shirt, found in Boise’s Deseret Industries. The shirt looks brand-new and is totally awesome. Here’s a photo:

The fight we’ve all been waiting for (besides the Stoffer brothers) : Jenson vs. Howard

Flashing strobes grace the arena as the crowd roars. Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian” comes on over the PA system. This is Smooth Magic Smooth’s cue for entry. “Motorin’! What’s the price for flight?” the long-haired rockers sing, as Matthew Ray Howard swaggers down the ramp, a bald baby in one hand and the other hand held in triumph over his head. He’s got a blue cross painted on his face and is wearing a leotard, strangely reminiscent of one wild in University Villa. He climbs into the ring, and just as he does so, Jennejohn reaches up out of the crowd, yells something about peeing on the floor, and jams a guitar headstock into his nards. Howard careens over into the ring. Not a pretty way to begin a fight.
At that moment, Jeff Tweedy’s voice echoes into the arena, as The Beauty makes his entrance – “I’d like to thank you all for nothin’!” and Jenson gyrates erratically down the walkway. Matt is standing in the ring, now, but looking somewhat intimidated by the wicked dance moves that Dave Jenson brings to the table. Jenson climbs into his ring, and heads to his corner, where Dolores is waiting to squirt some koolaid into his mouth to get him going. Dolores clearly says something crazy to Dave, because he shakes his head, and says, “Nah, Dolores, you see, I’m going straight to the top. You can’t even see the top from where you’re standing – but I’m going there.” Howard gathers in his ring with James Hurstowski and Dennis, with James pumping him up with platitudes and Dennis searching through his plastic bags and muttering about the price of propane.
Ding! The bell rings and the fighters enter the ring. Jordan “Flash Forward” (no one knows why he has this mysterious name) Faux steps up, standing in as the ref. “Okay, gentlemen, let’s make this a clean fight.” The bell rings three times, the boxers touch gloves, and they’re off.
Jenson shuffles around a bit, dancing, sort of. Howard, still reeling from the hit below his belt, turns his back on Jenson – but only for a second. When Jenson least expects it, Howard flies towards him, his chest stuck out, and shouts (in lightning-quick pseudo-English) “KMA!” nailing Jenson and stunning him. Jenson shakes it off in a second, repeating his mantra that “there’s nothing but green lights ahead,” touches his gloves together, and flashes Dolores the “secret symbol”, which is when Jenson crinkles up his nose and mouth (something we’ve all seen in sacrament meeting). At that, Dolores reaches over and opens up a box of Krispy Kremes – Matt’s undisputed weakness. She sets it off to the side, and then waits.
Matt doesn’t notice it right away – he’s in strong fighting form. He comes in quick and lands a few strong hits to Jenson’s jaw. It’s clear that Jenson is biding his time as he shuffles around the ring, occasionally jabbing at Howard. Dave slowly backs into his corner – and that’s when the clincher occurs. Howard spots the Krispy Kremes. He knows they’re not REALLY good for him; but they kind of are a breakfast of champions, of sorts, and Matt is kind of hungry, seeing as all he had to eat early that day was stink rice in a plastic bag…He throws a strong right cross at Jenson, seemingly stunning him, and then reaches down for a donut. That soft sweetness…Howard lets out a strong Mexican whistle, and then begins stuffing donuts into his mouth. He may very well put on thirty pounds in three days. He’s not too worried, though, because he knows three days out on the trail will where it off. That’s all that’s running through his mind when he hears a sound he has come to fear. “Wee-ooooh!” Most of us might recognize this from the days when Jenson would say something weird and then follow it up with a funky noise, but Matt knows it’s more than weirdness coming at him. Jenson, flying down through the air, both boxing gloves combined into one might fist, offers a skull-crushing blow to the back of Matt’s head. Howard slumps over, out cold on the floor, one donut left in his hand. Then Jenson is bounding around the ring, yelling “Nothing but green lights!” at the top of his lungs. Faux steps back into the ring and announces the win, holding Jenson’s hand high. This victory puts Jenson back into the running, as the championship is double elimination.

Stay tuned soon for Tyler “I’m Friggin’ Stupid” Cobabe vs. Matt “Smooth Magic Smooth” Howard. Dan Jennejohn will be running around the outside of the ring coaching Tyler from the sidelines. But Tyler will probably be fighting with his pants down.

return of the M(ust)AC(he)

i’ve grown really tired of shaving regularly in order to maintain a professional appearance so i recently decided to try my hand at growing a beard. i thought, “how nice, i’m not a student at byu anymore so beards aren’t going to land me in a prison somewhere”. i forgot that i am still in utah valley.

i strolled into work monday with a few days growth and was informed that beards were against company policy. my supervisor sent me the official credit union policy regarding facial hair and – as you may have guessed – it is basically lifted right out of the honor code. this means no beards but mustaches are allowed.

well, the best way to motivate me is to do something that i think is really stupid, so i have decided to grow a mustache, no matter how hideous, in protest. take that, uccu!

Top Notch Behavior Coaching

So I decided it would be a good idea to sit down two of the boys I work with and have them write some goals. The two boys are brothers so we just sat down on the couch with me in between the two them. The older brother writes a goal to be nice to his younger brother and I told him that is a terrific goal. 5 seconds later the older brother stabs his little brother in the leg with a pen. The little brother falls to the ground crying and screaming. The older brother uses the same pen to vigorously scratch out his goal of being nice to his little brother. It is for moments like that. That’s why I do it.