The only National Park named after a U2 album

That’s right Joshua Tree National Park and you don’t even need to ask if I listened to U2 while in the park. But just in case you’re a little bit slow I did listen to U2 and took a lot of Bono like pictures. To prepare for the above photo I just thought to myself, “I’m the biggest bad-a in the world and I’m going to save everybody’s souls.” I did that for about 40 minutes and then my wife took the photo. The photo doesn’t show it but I was wearing leather pants.

Smooth magic smooth

I finally put pictures of the wedding on to my computer and thought you’d like to take a gander. Enjoy.

P.S. Howard, I left out the one with Eli bawling after you dunked him in the water and held him there. I don’t think that will necessary make him any stronger and I didn’t think you wanted the public to know about it.

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Song Writing Challenge

So my sister and I have started a song writing challenge sort of thing. The first challenge was to write a song entitled, “I ain’t afraid to love you.” I issued the challenge to my sister and her husband. The show down occured in the Smoky Mountains with each of us playing our version of the song. Midway through the competition the guitar we were using actually exploded due to the fact that we were rocking entirely too much. Anyway the next challenge is starting on August 6th and I thought I’d invite you guys in on it. Check out my sister’s blog for the details and what the parameters of the next song are at
Whoever enters the contest by writing a song is a winner and whoever doesn’t is of course a loser. If you want to hear the low-fi recordings of the original contest I think they’re also on her blog. Life is a challenge the losers are the ones that don’t try (that last sentence could be on a no-fear t-shirt).