Lord, take me! My life is now complete.

Here are pictures of our recent travels to Delafield, home of the Wholly Cow and the Stoffer family. Now I’ll tell you, Alan and Jon’s parents are probably the nicest folks around. Also, the ice cream and custard are amazing. Sorry Dan, La Duc’s just can’t compete. Also, we drove past Dousman but didn’t get a chance to stop in and say hi to Mom Jennejohn.

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Life in Texas

So I’m at A&M getting my smarts right now so I thought id give a quick up date.
First off there is a retardedly large amount of reading in grad school and every time you think you have finished more piles on(and the readings are think). Although I just got to finish caving with my PI (I don’t know what PI stands for so I have decided it stands for Professor Inc.) last weekend. It was cool I wish I could have taken pictures but it was cool we went in 2 types of caves. One of em we had to repell into. The other was very tight. Caving involes long stretches of scooting on your belly and occationally opening into “rooms”. A room is usually large enough for several people to sit up in. The crazy part are the tight moments. I approached this one point called the birth canal, as I got closer I said to myself “there is noway I can fit in there” but then I got right up to it and realized there was deffinatly no way i could fit. Then somehow I was through, so I have decided the laws of the universe end at the mouth of caves.

Anyway Ike just came though town and what a disappointment. I was all set for some exciting high wind/rain action and when it was over I still had to wipe some of the bird poop off my car by hand. So I guess Im too inland for that stuff. Maybe next year when I move to galveston. Anyway I guess thats whats going on with me c ya all later.