Where the Wild Things Are

If you guys haven’t seen this, you should definitely check it out.


Apparently, Dave Eggers wrote the script and Spike Jonze is directing – both good signs. AND, they use the Arcade Fire in the trailer. Pretty awesome.

It’s been a while since I posted anything, but a lot has happened in the last month so here is the low down.

March has been a crazy month. It started out with a call from my dad saying he had been invited to the White House to attend a health care reform summit organized by president Obama.

Here is a news story on it: http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolitics/40826757.html

Basically, dad has been having issues with the health care system in America for years, and got involved with some grassroots efforts to make his voice heard. Earlier this year he was asked to submit his story to the Obama health care team as part of a nationwide effort to gather information from concerned citizens about the state of the health care system in America. Apparently someone on the Obama team liked his story, because the department of Health and Human Services contacted him and invited him to attend a health care meeting at the White House.

So dad and mom came down and Julie and Spence came down for the big day too. Only dad was allowed to go into the White House, but the rest of us all went home and watched it on C-Span. It was pretty cool seeing him there in the White House, just a few feet from the president.

Here are a few Youtube clips you can check out.

(you can see him here sitting behind the president, and at the end he shakes Obama’s hand)

(here you see him at 3:49)

(Here is the end of the opening speech and you can see my dad with Obama at about 7:45)

Anyway, it was really cool and we were all really excited for him. He was giving all kinds media interviews and it was impressive to hear him talk about it because my dad really knows his stuff on this topic. Way to go Dad.

Then, Mark and Spence came to town right after the parents left. I went around to the museums and monuments with them while they were here. Spence stayed with Emiline’s family and Mark and his buddy, James, crashed with me and Dan. It was fun having them around for a while. We all got together at Jordan’s and had a big taco salad dinner. It was great. We talked about the old days, told funny stories, and then Dan had to go and throw a pot of beans all over the place. Way to go Dan.

In need of some Club Primeval training


I recommend you all take a look at this. No way this kind of stuff would happen if these people would just get in touch with the most violent and savage aspects of human nature. Maybe we can get together and start some kind of Club Primeval clinic for people who are about to buy monkeys for pets. Class #1 – Tapping into your rage. Class #2 – How to fill your monkey with rock salt. Class #3 – Removing blood stains from your clothes and furniture.

My favorite part of the article: “Bob has been bitten several times by Higgins, who now weighs 50 pounds and has large incisors. Once, when Bob was leading him from an outdoor enclosure back to his cage in the house, Higgins exploded and the two got into a battle so ferocious that despite the steel mesh glove Bob was wearing, he screamed for Carlie to get his .22 rifle and put a bullet in Higgins’s head.”