Samuel L. Gets Serious

Forgot to put this text in the previous blog but check out this clip of Samuel L. Jackson freakin out about snakes on his plane if you haven’t already. This guy means business. I’ve never seen anyone go this insane since Alan went nuts hostile on Howards paddle boat with a snow shovel. Have a good week dudes.

Fast and Furious

Yes I’ve seen it and yes I saw it on openning day. I’ve already described this scene to Jennejohn and Howard but I’m going to describe it again. Vin Diesel is driving in a tunnel. The tunnel is just wide enough for two lanes. Vin is in the right lane and another dude in the left lane right next to him. Vin is driving about 120 mph then suddenly in front of Vin on his side of the tunnel is a wall. Vin has to react quickly. He rolls down his window, reaches across and rips the door off the other guy’s car. Then just as his car is about to crash into the wall Vin jumps out the window into the the other guy’s car, punches the guy and throws the guy out of the car. Vin then just continues driving the guy’s car to go save Paul Walker who is getting the crap kicked out of him. Oh by the way the tunnel goes underground from Mexico to the United States. So needless to say the movie is amazing and I’m getting nos installed in my mazda.