Songs Are Good

So we’re having another song writing challenge. This time Jordan came up with the topic and you can check it out at
All that are man enough to participate should participate. Previous Challenge winners have jumped over cars. While people that have previously wussed out have been known to cry like a little girl when they’ve seen someone jump over a car.

I just Can’t Stop Loving You

In case none of you have heard this song. You really should. The first 40 seconds are Michael Jackson doing a kind of spoken word thing in a breathy whisper. Here’s what he says.

I just wanna lay next to you for a while
You look so beautiful tonight
your eyes are so lovely
your mouth is so sweet
a lot of people misunderstand me
that’s because they don’t know me at all
i just wanna touch you and hold you
I need you
I need you
I love you so much

Chronic Sinusitis

So Mark I was reading in my nursing textbook and I came across this, “Clients with chronic sinusitis usually cough only in the early morning or immediately after rising from sleep. This clears the airway of mucus resulting from sinus drainage.” I’m not sure why but for some reason I thought of you.