Surf Hair

So I’ve now used surf hair for 5 years (although it could be less but I’m claiming 5 and the photographic evidence points to 5). I started in 2005 and have made into 2010. I don’t see any signs of stopping. The only way that I’ll change styling products is if it goes off the market and that would of course be a sad, sad day. No other styling product gives me what I need. I need a relaxing hold that keeps my hair looking the way I want it to but without any of the hassle and Surf hair comes through everytime. Who needs hassle when it comes to hair? I don’t need hassle I just need it to look like I may have just been surfing. So as I enter into the new year there may be some changes I will make in my life but it won’t be changing my styling product. I’m hoping that surf hair can see me through to the next decade and with the results I get how could I think of changing.