Alan’s Wedding Story

Hey guys, I have been married for almost two months now, and since some of you couldn’t make it, I thought you might like to hear how it went. You have probably already heard about the wedding from the guys, but even if you have, or if you were there, I thought I would give you my take on the evening. To begin I have to give you a back story so you can fully appreciate the tale.

The first thing you should know is that it NEVER snows in DC and when it does it’s considered an emergency.

The second thing you should know is that throughout our engagement Marci and I argued about what to do for the wedding. Marci wanted to make the Temple ceremony the main event and just take family out to dinner afterwards. I wanted a large reception so that my nonmember extended family would feel included. In the end, Marci let me have my way, but I think God wanted to teach me a lesson.

Now for the story. On December 17th we got a phone call from the reception venue asking if we wanted to cancel the reception because there was a forecast for 20 inches of snow on the 19th. We thought, “that can’t be possible, it doesn’t snow in DC. And even when it does, it can’t possibly be so bad that people can’t drive in it.” We figured the worst people would have to deal with would be icy windshields and slippery roads. We were wrong. During the next 24 hours, 30 inches of snow dropped on DC (the worst snow storm on record) and buried our wedding in three feet of complications.

The next day I got a call from Jon Fillmore. Jon was going to be our wedding photographer, but his flight got cancelled at the last minute on account of the snow that hadn’t even come yet. While the guys went out to tour DC, I spent the day running last minute errands and calling all over Virginia to try and find a wedding photographer who could come at the last minute.

That night the guys all got together for my bachelor party. We went out to eat and it was great to see everyone and just hang out like we did in the awesome city days. We headed back to Dan’s place after dinner just as the snow commenced falling. It was there that I got a call from the temple saying that the temple would be closed on Saturday on account of snow, but it would be open for sealings. They asked me if the Stoffer party could come in at 8am instead of noon. I immediately said yes without thinking and then called Marci when I realized that that was a stupid thing to say. No one was picking up the phones at the temple now and we decided that with the snow there was no way we could make the hour long drive to the temple that early in the morning. I had to leave my bachelor party early to try and track down someone at the temple who could give us a later sealing time. I proceeded to call the bishop, stake president, etc. until at about midnight it dawned on us that Marci’s roommate is a temple worker. She told us to just go to bed and show up when we could.

The next morning we woke up as we had scheduled before the snow and prepared to go to the temple. The roads were packed with snow and we had to drive under 30mph the whole way. It was clear that no one in DC had ever seen that much snow before because people were driving like fools. We saw people stopped on steep hills in the middle of the freeway and other cars crawling around them in slow, snowy chaos. Cars were buried in snow all along the shoulders of the freeway and we even saw a semi that had jack-knifed and flipped over. Visibility was low, so I got a little lost on the way to the temple, but we made it without anyone dying. We found out when we got to the temple that, coincidently, there was another Stoffer wedding scheduled that day at 9am (I’m not joking) and the phone call I received at my bachelor party was meant for them, not me.

The ceremony was great and everyone made it except for a couple friends and Marci’s sister, Lara, whose flights kept getting cancelled. Lara managed to get out of Alaska fine, but couldn’t get into DC because of the snow. (doesn’t really make sense, I know). So we managed to get married and that was the most important thing. The ceremony was short and sweet, and it was great to see my side of the room lined with my best friends. It really meant a lot to me to have you guys there. We had requested a sealer that we met when we did a sealing session a few weeks prior to the wedding (a practice run) and he had made it too which was nice. We never did find a photographer, but my brother-in-law bought a really expensive camera and took a lot of great shots. With the snow in the background the pictures ended up being beautiful. The temple workers broke policy and let us take wedding photos in the foyer of the Temple, so we wouldn’t have to stand outside in a blinding snowstorm the whole time.

After the temple our families attempted to caravan to a luncheon. When we got to the highway ramp, there were three disabled vehicles, including a police car and a tow truck (yes, the tow truck was stuck), blocking the ramp. Marci’s dad tried to get around it but he got stuck too. So, we all started pushing the car in our wedding suits and Marci found a broom to help dig the car out. We got it moving and everyone agreed that lunch was off.

By the time we arrived at our apartment we knew that the reception was in jeopardy. By now, all the food we had ordered was all cooked and the wait staff was there waiting for us to show up. But after driving home from the temple we knew that even if we managed to get there, none of our guests would be able to. The roads would be impassable by the evening. So, sadly, we had to make the decision to cancel our wedding reception. (I have to say though; with modern communication it is surprisingly easy to spread the word to 100 people.) We were both sad that we wouldn’t get to see any of our friends or family that night, but there wasn’t really anything we could do about it.

The next day we tried to reschedule the reception, but the venue could not get any food from their vendors. Marci and I had spent months planning this reception and we were sad that our families would be leaving the next day and wouldn’t get a chance to see any of our work. So I called the venue and convinced them to let us show up with just our immediate families in our wedding attire to take some pictures with the decorations. The venue was great and they set up the room, served drinks, and even shoveled the snow for us. We ended up staying there for three hours and basically had a reception. We had music, my family gave some toasts (Marci’s family did not, but they are the opposite of Stoffers), we ate cheesecake and took some great pictures. Julie went above and beyond the call of duty and found us a great photographer who she had to pick up and drop off in the snow. It felt so good to be there with my family and my new bride. I could literally feel the stress of the weekend just melting away. Everyone had a great time and at the end of it, I had to admit that Marci was right. An intimate family reception was excellent.

You would think the story would end there, but it doesn’t. Although we basically had a reception with our families, the venue let us have another reception when we got back from our honeymoon in New York City. For just a small fee they kept up our decorations and bought more food. So, we basically invited anyone we could think of from our singles ward and from work. It was great because there was also no pressure for this reception. Marci and I figured we are already on plan B so anything that goes wrong now doesn’t really matter anyway. It was very liberating. We had dinner and then Dan and Jordan and I got to play with our band. As our final number, Marci joined us for a rendition of “The Weight” by the band, which, after all we had been through on the wedding day turned out to be a pretty appropriate. Marci and I had a great time and it was definitely a fun wedding reception for the singles because it was basically a free dinner with some dancing and music. Basically a huge ward party.


While it was happening, Marci and I both agreed that we were a little mad at God for destroying our wedding, but actually He figured out a way to have us compromise. Marci got what she wanted and I did as well, but not in a way we could have planned. I also learned an important lesson. Let your wife have her way or God will intervene. As I told Marci later, “I knew you were stubborn, but wow…”

Sorry the story is so long but I thought you guys would enjoy the details. I’ll post pictures in another post. If you still haven’t seen any, you can see some at

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emeline and i watched the opening ceremony tonight. everything was great until the announcers introduced wayne gretzky as one of the torch-bearers and failed to include “pro star” in his list of accomplishments.

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