Get ready for wedding craziness!

Hey Guys,

A while ago I posted a recap of my wedding and I said I would include some pictures later. It occurs to me I better get on that because if I post my wedding pictures after Saturday, I’ll feel like I’m trying to steal Mark’s thunder.

So I posted the pictures on a Picasa web album, and the links should take you right to them.

This link has pictures from the temple (some of which you guys are in) as well as pictures from the family get together we had when our reception got canceled.

Click here to see the redo reception.

There you go. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you guys this weekend. It’s going to be Awesome City. Weddings are great!

General Conference

I once again enjoyed General Conference. I only fell asleep a couple of times throughout the whole 10 hours. I think the talk I most enjoyed was President Uchtdorf’s talk regarding patience during priesthood. I’d actually read something recently about that marshmallow study he’d mentioned and I’ve been having a hard time recently with patience. Its not easy to wait for a blessing that you feel like you should have or to be patient when a righteous desire remains unfulfilled. President Uchtdorf taught that the Lord will answer our prayers in his time in his way. He mentioned Brigham Young praying until he could comprehend what was happening in his life. President Uchtdorf said, “Knowledge and understanding come at the price of patience.” He taught that we often can’t see the Lord’s hand in our life until long after the trial has passed. I believe all these things are true. Patience is a godly attribute that is often difficult to have. He also stated “Ultimately patience means being firm steadfast and immovable keeping the commandments of the lord… even when it is hard to do so… patience is a process of perfection.” It was a message that I really appreciated.

If you guys had parts of conference that you particularly enjoyed it would be cool if you discussed them on the blog, at least I think it would be.