You’ll praise my name

Jordan’s video reminded me that I hadn’t posted this video demonstration of the two-handed great sword (which has really been neglected in the sword market, or so I’m told). Basically, this is nine minutes of fat guys chopping stuff (including pig carcases) and telling you how awesome the sword is. I highly recommend at least watching the first and last minute of this thing if you aren’t interested in seeing pigs carcases chopped up. Also, go to 7:22 for a great reason to buy the great sword.

After posting I realized that the guy in Jordan’s video mentions that the small knife is made by Cold Steel which is the company selling the great sword. What a connection. Now you can see the kind of individual these Cold Steel videos are marketed to.

Further Proof That Spencer is a Fraud

Seeing Spencer’s so-called ‘diploma’ raised my suspicion, so I dug out an unopened enveloped that I got with my MA from UW-Madison, opened it and took a look. Wouldn’t you know it, it was actually official and looks totally different from Spencer’s homemade laser-printed scam. Here’s what an actual diploma from UW-Madison looks like, just for reference:

Awesome Wedding

Hey here’s a few pictures that you guys may not have had from mark’s wedding and other activities.

Awesome spence emeline shot. Unfortunately they no longer have the same haircut but the cuteness is still intact.

Awesome bench shot (featuring serious attitude)

Awesome shot with Steel’s grandparents. When Steel’s grandpa was going on for a long time about meeting his wife I was thinking if anyone can get his grandpa to stop talking but do it in a completely non-hurtful way it would be steel. As soon as I was done with that thought Steel went into action and came through like a champion.

Mark = Awesome

James Hurst is in this one which is of course Awesome

Utah Fans Concerned As Jazz Break Huddle By Shouting ‘Kill The Mormons’

Another reason to pick the Lakers in the Western Conference:

SALT LAKE CITY—An uneasy sense of anxiety overtook the crowd at EnergySolutions Arena Sunday as fans watched a pumped-up Jazz team break their pregame huddle by chanting, “One, two, three—kill the Mormons!” “Normally this team is pretty even-keeled, but tonight they’re really scaring me,” said season ticket holder Delton Stanger, who was terrified by the team’s cheers of “Die, Mormons, die” and “We’re coming for you, Mormons.” “I just don’t understand why all my favorite players want to kill us and why it’s inspiring them to play with such passion.” Utah fans were reportedly appalled when head coach Jerry Sloan used a dry-erase board to diagram how to find the Mormons, round them up, and kill them, but admitted their anger was tempered by the team’s resultant 15-0 run,17357/