Chicago, the wonderland

There are many things I love about Chicago, not least of which is Aldi. I just got back from there with a box of crackers and some cookies that are probably not good for me – some kind that Dave would have loved back when he was chugging kool-aid and eating Hostess treats for dinner. The best part? All that goodness cost me about $2.

Thank you, Aldi.

Nancy Boy Song Time

So songs for the challenge are due on June 21. The site for the contest is here Song Challenge. Get your songs done and turn them or else you’ll feel like the sad loser of this wicked Kosho match. I’m talking to you Cobabe. If you’ve got to just hit a wood block and chant over the top of it that might be enough to win.

Anyone seen any good shows lately?

I don’t watch much TV anymore, so I feel like discovering a new show I actually like is something worth posting on the blog.

Marci and I started watching this show called Avatar: The Last Airbender (no relation to that James Cameron movie) after Jordan and Jon recommended it. After three episodes, we were hooked. It is a cartoon that aired on Nickelodeon and it is drawn in sort of an anime style. However don’t let that stop you from trying it out. It is actually made in America and the plot is so compelling and the characters so well developed that it could have been a very successful prime time series. The nice thing about it is that from the outset, the creaters had the whole story planned out from start to finish, so it’s not like Heroes or The Office where they drag it out til it makes no sense anymore.

Also, if you still need convincing, two of the main characters are voiced by Anne Veal from Arrested Development and Rufio from that awesome movie Hook.

Watch it. That is all.