Flash Mob + Dave Pringle = Awesome City

Hey Awesome Citizens,

I just got a message on Facebook from none other than Dave Pringle. If you don’t know who Dave Pringle (Howard, Dan, Tyler, and Dave) I’m sorry, because he was awesome. Currently, all I know is that he’s alive. So here’s what I’m thinking. What if we picked a Sunday morning (say Sunday, September 19th) and all of us went to his Facebook wall and just posted “Church! Church! Church! Church!” at or around the same time early on that morning. That would be awesome. Who’s in?

Anti-Syphilis Campaign

We actually had a rally/debate regarding this, and Spence, since you asked for proof of my support here it is. To the right of this post you will see one of my supporters. He clearly recognizes the stupidity of syphilis and the great nation of the USA. He’s a good man – name’s Rory Byrus.


Man, Jordan, I wish I had those blurbs earlier. Especially the second one. But, luckily, I won the election, and shall advance further into law school tooldom! Thanks for the campaign idea. Here’s the poster that won the whole thing.

50 Word Blurb on Mark Eliason

I’ve got some here, maybe we should add some more and then take a poll to see which one gets it.

Option 1

The first time I met Mark Eliason, “Amsterdam” was emblazoned across his viridian shirt. At first blush, I couldn’t determine whether he was advertising that cities more than 100 kilometers of bridge-dotted canals or the famed De Wallen, known for its wide availability of cannabis and creative concupiscent extracurriculars.

Option 2

I shall never forget the impact Mark Eliason made in our home. Ever the advocate of good health, he always saved you from eating one more slice of pizza. In fact due to his efforts, whooping cough levels dropped an astonishing100% when Mark left to teach poor kids Shakespeare.

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Mark Eliason to the SBA

Our trip to Europe

Hey guys. Since I am awesome at posting pictures of important events way after the event has transpired, I figured it is about time to share my pictures of Europe.

As some of you may know, Marci quit her job as a social worker in March because it was just too emotionally taxing on her. It took her about 3 months to find a job but finally something came through. Marci really wanted to find something that would put her obsessive knack for cleaning and organizing to good use. So she started applying for secretary jobs. A friend of ours from the ward recommended that Marci apply at her international development firm and Marci got the job. It’s exactly what Marci wanted. No stress, steady hours, and she can walk to work. Plus she gets to do some HR work in the afternoons.

So anyway, when Marci got this job we suddenly realized that she was going to go from having tons of free time to zero vacation days. So we decided to make the most of it and booked a last minute flight to Europe. Seriously – we bought the tickets and left a week later.

Since Marci had never been to Europe I let her pick all the destinations. We went to Northern England, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Prague, and Dresden. I will spare you guys a long travelogue and instead give you a few highlights.

It was a great trip. Links to all our pictures can be found at the end of this entry.

Our favorite part of England was probably hiking in Yorkshire Dales. Yorkshire Dales is a national park that has lots of stone fences and green rolling hills. It totally felt like we were hiking through the film Braveheart. Plus it was raining for some of the hike so I feel like we got the true England experience.


Amsterdam was really cool, and we happened to be there during their world cup semifinal game, so everyone was decked out in orange. It was kind of crazy, because Amsterdam is such a bustling city that you can hardly walk down the street without being afraid that a bike will hit you. But as soon as the game started, the city was ghost town, except for the bars which all had like a hundred people standing around a TV set up 0n a milk crate.

I didn’t think I was going to like Paris but I did. We saw all the typical tourist things but my favorite was Versailles. It has the most amazing gardens in the world.

The highlight of Prague was when Marci and I shared a train car with about a hundred shirtless Swedish female teenage floor hockey players.
Marci’s best friend is living in Dresden. I thought it was going to be a mundane city but it was actually really cool. It has a lot of history, cool buildings, and a hygiene museum.
Links to the web albums:
Best 0f – http://picasaweb.google.com/alanstoffer/BestOfEurope2010Pictures#
All 1,035 – http://picasaweb.google.com/alanstoffer/Europe2010#

Mark’s Campaign

Mark, I think it’s clear how this campaign needs to be run. What have your opponents ever done about Syphilis? I haven’t heard them come out against it, are they freaks or something? Do they like Syphilis? Do they HAVE Syphilis?

You need to make sure that people understand that you will not tolerate Syphilis on BYU campus and you certainly won’t tolerate it in America’s courtrooms.

You could also produce some really stupid remixes of old Disney cartoons that make you wish you could gouge your eyeballs out and pull your eardrums from your head. Oh wait, Disney already took care of that for you.

Help Mark Become a Law School Tool

Hey guys,

So, I’m looking to see if I can pad my resume with a little more toolishness, and I think I’ve found a way to do it. That’s a picture of me above, being a tool.

I’m going to run as one of my class’ Student Bar Association representative. And what I was thinking, is that I could enlist you guys to generate some brilliant campaign ideas. The elections begin on September 8th, and I would love any suggestions for the following, all of which will be a part of my campaign:

1) Slogan
2) T-shirt
3) Buzzwords
4) Posters

5) a 50-word blurb about Mark Eliason

Yeah, that’s right. I’d appreciate any ideas you’ve got. And by the way–in all honesty, I’m just interested in finding something social related to law school; law students are notoriously anti-social (especially at BYU).