Conversations with Jon translated into Persian and back to English

From Dan’s 11/18/2010 post:

I just got off the phone with John Stoffer. A part of our conversation went like this:

I: John why some tropical island of Bermuda as you do not move again?

John: Yes. I mean that would be cool. This is … Well I mean I want to get at least a girlfriend before I went there. Sitting on the beach in Bermuda with a girl? This condition would be!

Me: (laughing) John Deng. That would be sick! I never thought that. Man, what am I even doing [my life]?

John: I know that man! You just have to move with me. My point in my palm! We can get your mattress!

I: You may man there is something to be John.

John: I know. View Dan you always learn something that you talk to me. Life lessons you can learn every day.

And I am sure that my son John.

I guess I always suspected that badass heaven existed

From a review for Fast Five

“It’s set amid the squalor of Rio, with its teeming vertical slums, and it’s basically a heist thriller in which the insult-swapping gang members, led by Diesel and his invincible growl, are hired to steal a drug lord’s fortune from the vault of a police station. The film is basically Ocean’s Fourteen starring a multiculti version of the cast of Jersey Shore. The final chase — it features cars and that vault — is badass heaven.”

Arianne still doesn’t believe that we’re going opening night or at least that I’m going opening night.

Two Things

Hey all,

Two things:
1) I’ve started a blog and will be writing regularly for the foreseeable future. I’d love to have you as readers: I’m also on Twitter now, if any of you want to follow me: my name is stodelay.
2) I’m pretty sure that I’ve found Dan Jennejohn’s alterego. You need to listen to this story:

Yet more reasons to visit Steel

As if you didn’t already have plenty of reasons to travel to America’s heartland:

Emeline and I are throwing a KICK-A PAR-TAY!!!
When: Labor Day Weekend, Sat. 9/3
What: Brats and non-alcoholic drinks (you’re exempt, Tyler)
Where: The beautiful sandy beaches of Chicago

We’re not very good at observing anniversaries, holidays etc., but this year we’re going all out for our 5-year wedding anniversary.

I realize not everyone will be able to come, but we’re getting advanced warning out so that those who are interested have time to plan. Space is somewhat limited but anyone is welcome to stay in our apartment.

The only event that might possibly rival this in sheer awesomeness might be this:

Semi-annual General Conference posting

Hey guys,

What an awesome General Conference! There were a lot of talks that I really enjoyed, and I loved the general focus on service. It’s interesting to watch the shifts occurring in the focus of the leadership of the Church. One is the focus on serving each other and society–I found out recently that this last year the Church adopted a 4th mission, which is to care for the poor. All of the conversation at conference about finding ways to serve and sacrifice was interesting. The other thing that struck me was something that President Eyring said, to the effect that whatever kind of spiritual strength was necessary previously will no longer be adequate. It’s as if we are living in a period of de-centralization–the leadership is focusing on getting the ward as a whole to shoulder issues, etc. Interesting. And I think that service is a necessary element of that spiritual strength.

I loved President Uchtdorf’s talk on Sunday morning about taking action right away to serve others or to share the gospel–or to take whatever step we need to in our lives. This was inspiring. As well, it was good to be reminded that we don’t have to wait for a blinding light on our road to Damascus, but that we receive guidance piece-by-piece, little-by-little. The story about President Monson’s shuffling of his agenda so he could go visit a little girl in the final stages of cancer was really touching. I learned something really profound in that talk–that we should pay attention to the promptings of the Spirit regarding how we might serve other people, because those can be profound experiences.

This conference caused me to reflect on the role of serving others in my life, and made me resolve to engage in more service in my family, my community, and the Church. Thoughts?

Another Reason to Visit Steel

Hey Guys, I have good news. As you probably know I have been going through the whole MBA application process. Well, at last I can report that it is all over and I will be attending UW-Madison in the fall. I’m pretty excited to be joining the ranks of great men like Steel Wagstaff, Spencer Gardner, Greg Rose, and Dick Cheney.

It feels great to be done with this whole process. I have spent over a year researching programs, studying for the GMAT, writing essays, getting recommendations, visiting schools, and interviewing. It has been quite an ordeal. I applied to five schools which is a lot for MBA programs. I applied to Harvard, Northwestern, Berkeley, Indiana University, and UW Madison. Harvard rejected me without even an interview. My interview at Northwestern went really well and I really thought I had a great shot at getting in. But alas they said no too. I think it was a clerical error though because Indiana and Madison both accepted me and gave me free tuition. On top of that Madison is offering me a monthly stipend. I had a really hard time choosing between the schools because they both have top programs for the field I want to go into. The two schools are so similar in fact that they both even had a native Norwegian on staff. So I couldn’t even use that to make the final decision. In the end though Madison won because I would much rather live in Madison than Bloomington, Indiana. Also the program at Madison is smaller so students get much more personal attention from professors and recruiters. I’m still waiting to hear back from Berkeley, but at this point I don’t think I would even consider them if they accepted me.
I’m looking forward to being a Badger and hopefully some of you guys will take Steel up on his offer.


Hey Awesome City,
It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything to this blog. Sorry about that. My life is going really really really well. I’m happier and healthier than I’ve been in years, I’m almost finished with my degree requirements, and I’ve been dating a really wonderful woman named Laurel Bastian. Life is going about as well as it possibly could be going for me. I’m writing to invite any and all of you to come visit us in Madison anytime you want.
So here’s my pitch: Spring in Madison is just beginning. The snow is gone and the sun is out and temperatures are beginning to enter the 40s or 50s and rising. It’s just a couple hours away from Chicago (where the Gardner’s live) and my girlfriend Laurel is housesitting in a big beautiful house with at least 3 empty bedrooms that you are all welcome to stay in whenever you want (until the end of June) plus I’ve got another housesitting job lined up for July and the first week of August, so it’d be a great time to come and visit us in Madison (you can almost always get round trip flights from the Western US to MSN for less than $400, hint hint). Laurel and I are also hoping to get a big two-bedroom town house apartment in a neighborhood called University Houses (right next to where I’m living) starting in August that will have plenty of room for visitors, so … COME VISIT US WHENEVER YOU WANT!
As a last ditch appeal to get you to come visit, Laurel’s given me permission to share a photo of our current digs: