Temple Names

That’s really cool Alan. I am emphasizing in entrepreneurship with the McGuire Center for my MBA. It starts in the fall.

With all my spare time between baking cakes, eating them, and licking the frosting out of the bowl I’ve been doing a bit of family history. I’m too the point now where I have way more names than time. If any of you are interested in doing some let me know. Send me an email with your physical address or just here in the blog and I’ll send a family your way.

Games and Science

Hey guys, I told some of you about this at Steel’s wedding, but I am officially an entrepreneur now.  I have started an educational video game company with the gobs of free time I have between getting an MBA and raising a newborn.  Our focus is making games for companies that want to find a more engaging way to connect with customers or employees.  I co-founded it with an industry veteran from Madison and things are looking like they will really take off.  I don’t know what will come in the future, but it has been really cool and really educational getting this thing off the ground.  We have a website now too.  Check it out if you want to.


Also, in case some of you are still not convinced that Madison is the coolest place ever.  Neil DeGrass Tyson came and gave a speech last week to UW students.  It was awesome.


Scientific Baby Making

Fellow awesome members.  I think I’ve spoken with most of you guys a little bit about our doing in vitro and scientific baby making.  Well we are giving it another go in May and are asking friends and family to remember us in their prayers and particularly in their fasts this coming fast sunday.  We’re hopeful that this time will work and I’m giving a pretty solid guarantee that if we get twins  I will make it so their names rhyme.  

You can meet our  Doctors here if thats something you’re interested in.  Dr Tao is like an embryo ninja and Dr. Craig has kind of weird teeth, that’s why he smiles without showing his teeth.