So I had a dream last night that Mark came to visit me… It seemed so real because the first thing he did when he came in was ask me if he could eat a bunch of my food. So last night two guys broke into 30 cars outside my house. Criminals must be real dumb. They got caught because they parked in the complex with all the stolen stuff in their car to watch the cops. Also they broke the windows by punching them with a sock over their fists to protect against the glass… Apparently their hands got really messed up. Even cavemen understand the concept of “rock smash!”. O-well

For old time’s sake

I know how much we all love this song, and I thought: if you haven’t heard it in a while, here it is. If you want something fun to do, call Jennejohn and leave this on his machine.

Check out the chap in the sweater–if you don’t look too closely, he looks kind of like Spencer. Also check out the slow-jumping during the chorus.