Olympus Has Fallen vs. White House Down

If you have to see one movie where terrorists take over the white house this year I’ve got excellent news.  There are two to choose from.  Here’s a quick rundown.

In Olympus Has Fallen the president starts off as a white guy (Aaron Eckhardt) but the black speaker of the house (Morgan Freeman) has to step in as acting president.  Anytime we get Morgan Freeman playing the president I think we’re doing well as a society (see Deep Impact).   In White House Down the president is Jamie Foxx, who is black to begin with.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that Jamie sings.  He’s very talented.
Action Heros
In Olympus has Fallen Gerard Butler (an English guy that was in 300 a movie I never saw or have any real interest in seeing) plays a disgraced former secret service agent that let the first lady die in some kind of accident but when terrorists take over he is the only hope.  In White House Down Channing Tatum (Duke from the GI Joe movies) plays a rejected applicant to the secret service but when terrorists take over he is the only hope.

What I expect to See
I think I see both action heros pulling off a rescue of the president against very long odds.  In Olympus Has Fallen I pretty much expect to see a Die Hard remake where Gerard is Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman is the guy from Family Matters.  In White House Down I pretty much expect to see a Die Hard 3 remake where Channing is Bruch Willis and Jamie is Samuel L. Jackson.

My plan is to see both movies.

My fall from Glory

So, I broke my back a little. Yep, I was mountain biking last Friday and my co-workers were like hey lets go try out the obstacle course. I was like okay. We got to this thing called the teeter totter and I decided I would be cool and do it. I ended up teeter tottering right of the top of the thing onto my head. Man that hurt. I remember seeing the ground rushing at me and flailing around in pain. Luckily some nice Christian blokes showed up gave some prayers and helped carry me to a truck. Well they rushed me off to the ER and a cat scan confirmed a small compression fracture. No concussion though (let that be a lesson kids, always wear your helmet). The ER doctor said that outside of surgery there really isn’t anything that can be done to speed the healing on this type of injury. So they gave me some narcotics and told me that is the pain doesn’t continue improving over time I should go see a specialist. Well the pain has improved a lot over the past week so I have not seen a specialist yet. But I may go to one next week just to be safe. Anyways I think I am done being cool now. From now on when I ski or bike I am not doing any crazy jumps or tricks. I am just gunna enjoy the ride as is.