Goodbye Madison

Marci and I are moving from Madison this week.  We have been busy cramming a lot of things into the time we have had off between school and work.

First we took a trip to Idaho for about a month to see Marci’s family.  Marci’s mom died unexpectedly of a heart attack in May.  While it was a sad event, we enjoyed spending time with Marci’s family and Stella learned a ton from her cousins.

We came back and got to work checking off everything on our Madison todo list.  We had a nine course meal at a fancy restaurant in town, we went on a long bike ride around the lake, we went to an outdoor Shakespeare performance and we went to the farmers market and bought a painting of Madison from a local artist.

We are going to miss it here and are more sad to leave than we are excited to arrive in MN.  However, that is exactly how we felt when we were moving from DC to Madison.  So Hopefully that is a good sign.

I start work on July 8th at General Mills.  I will be working on Gold Medal Flour.  I’m pretty excited about it because it is a big brand and it is good for you.  So you guys should all start buying it.  Mark, see if you can get Wal-Mart to double their next few orders.  That would help me out a lot.

Three things the crazy guy yelled

So I was in a room with a crazy guy for about 6 hours.  Here’s some things he yelled.

1. I NEED COCAINE!  (He yelled this louder than I’ve ever yelled anything.  It started when he asked me for a coke.  I foolishy said, “Coke, like cocaine.”  He agreed that cocaine was a good idea and despite all the yelling I couldn’t really help him.  Cocaine just wasn’t available)

2. I WANT TO SCRATCH MY PENIS! (This one is self explanatory.  His penis itched, his hands were tied down and I said, “Sorry man you can’t scratch your penis.”)

3. I’M DON JOHNSON!  (Yes he means Don Johnson from Miami Vice.  I think he’d recently watched Harley Davidson and the Maraboro Man.  A rather excellent movie I saw once with Howard in Mexico.  Anyway he eventually demanded that I call 911 and tell them that Don Johnson was being held captive.  I made a pretend phone call and told him that Tubbs was on the way.  Tubbs was Don Johnson’s partner on Miami Vice.  His response was, “Really, Tubbs is coming.”  My response was, “Yes, he’s on his way.”)