I do this for a living

I was going to share a story about watching basketball with a suicidal patient but there just isn’t a way to type that story without me sounding like a terrible person.  I’ll just say it involved him crying a lot and the story ends with Vince Carter hitting a 3 pointer with no time left.  It was awesome. 

Madison Ho! (Part 2)

This will probably come as a bit of a surprise to most of you, but Emeline and I (and Atti) are moving back to Madison. And if Elsa stops trying to escape from her room at 2am we might bring her too. We’ve been keeping our eyes out for opportunities outside of Chicago for a few months now. We were mostly focused on Minneapolis to be nearer to Emeline’s sister, but this position came up in Madison and the stars aligned.

The firm is called Toole Design Group (cue Dan saying something about being a tool). I’ll be focusing more on bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure now rather than mostly transit. It’s an exciting opportunity and one that I’m a little nervous for, frankly.

We’ll be sad to leave Chicago and I think we’ll miss it terribly, but we started to realize that it was time to look for something more permanent. If only we had a couple of million to buy a house here…

It seems we have a knack for leaving places as soon as someone else has plans to join us so a big apology to Mark for skipping town just as they’re getting here.

I’ll update you guys with address and whatnot. I start in mid-June so we have a little time to prepare. Hope you are all well and that you postpone any plans for having children until you can install a dungeon to keep them between the ages of 2 and 3.

BTO Rules

I’m pretty sure Jenson and I were in Skegness, England when we started talking about Bachman Turner Overdrive. We were trying to recall all of there hit songs, but this one had us stumped. All we could come up with was “Don’t they have some song about rolling down the highway?” It really bothered me that I couldn’t remember it at the time.

Anyways, here it is. This one’s for you, Dave.

R.I.P. Ultimate Warrior

Mean Jean: First of all, what happened tonight? … Ultimate Warrior?
Ultimate Warrior: What happened tonight!? Was already written Hulk Hogan. IT WAS WRITTEN A LONG TIME AGO! When the warriors that came before me and you they saw to it that what we must do IS BEYOND US HULK HOGAN!
I stood – with my back to you Hulk Hogan AND I KNEW YOU WOULD NOT COME! But, Hulk Hogan, when I looked into your eyes, I saw a world, A WORLD FILLED WITH FEAR! Fear that ran thick through you, Hulk Hogan.
At Royal Rumble, I NEED NO FRIENDS I need no partners. Every man stands by his self, like the Ultimate Warrior ALWAYS HAS! But Hulk Hogannnn, you still do not understand, you still have mistrust, I need not your protection Hulk Hogan…

Mean Jean: Please! Please!

Ultimate Warrior: …at the Joe Louis Arena!

Mean Jean: What in the world?

Ultimate Warrior: THE WARRIORS THAT COULD NOT COME have attached themselves to the outer structure, Hulk Hogan. THEY’RE SEEPING THROUGH, fueling me, feeding me, with the power to survive. They ride on my back FOR MY PROTECTION! I need not you Hulk Hogan — and if you look closer you’ll notice red and yellow – the colors of Hulkamania – Hulkamanicas that are … questioning. Do you have, Hulk Hogan, what it takes to bE THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE?

Hulk Hogan, look at meee Hulk Hogan. LOOK AT ME!

Mean Jean: Please!

Ultimate Warrior: Without the paint Hulk Hogan, the desire to withstand the pain and give you the utmost in battle and combat at Wrestlemania 6 still stands … Hulk Hogan… for I am the chosen one.
Mean Jean: I get the impression that we’ve got a loose cannon on our hands ladies and gentlemen, with the Ultimate Warrior.

More Prog Rock

I’ve listened to this song like 6 times a day every day for the last few days. I don’t get tired of it, I don’t know why.

These guys play 8 string guitars and are led by a rad guitar player named Tosin Abasi. Here’s the rig rundown video. Fast forward to 8:50 for a rundown on his crazy driftwood guitar.