Free Place to Stay in Sunny Minnesota

Hey Guys, So Marci and I are finally leaving the land of shared walls.  After 5 years of renting apartments we are finally renting a house.  I’m excited because it means we will have more room for when the baby comes, but mostly I am excited to finally have a place to set up my drums.

Dan, you can fly out and play funk music with me anytime.  And that goes for the rest of you too.  You see, my apartment complex doesn’t seem to understand what month-to-month means.  So, even though we are moving on July 26th, we will be paying rent on our other place through the end of August.

So if anyone wants to come up and visit us in Minneapolis you will have your own 2 bedroom two bathroom apartment to stay in.  Let’s try and put that $1,500 to good use.

Podcast Recommendations

I’m going to be driving out to Utah next week by myself and I’m trying to amass a collection of podcasts and audiobooks to listen to while I drive. Any good recommendations? I’ve already downloaded a bunch of Radiolabs. Any other good stuff to listen to?

Bow Before Your New Master

Well, Rose had a baby last Tuesday morning. I was also there. He is a little boy and we named him Felix Hopkin Faux after our great, great grandfathers.

6lbs exactly, 17 inches exactly. I think it was patriotic of him to reject the metric system at such an early age.

He and Rose are doing well. His blood sugar dropped a bit so we had to supplement his diet some with formula, but he is alright now. I don’t mind it too much because it means I get to feed him a little now and then.

I asked Felix what he thought about Bono and he just fell asleep. I think that’s about right.
– Jordan and Rose.