Song Challenge, Resurrected

I’ve been wishing that I spent a little more time playing music lately and writing songs in particular. It’s something that I’ve let slip what with kids sucking up every moment of free time in my life. Anyway, the only way I think I can do this is to provide a little structure in the form of a song contest.

This would be similar to the song contest that Dave’s sister used to run once upon a time. Basically, I’ve come up with a few song prompts and I’m hoping to write a new song each month. Any and all are invited to participate. There are no restrictions on what instruments you use, how good it sounds, how long it is, or who participates. Just make music and have fun.

You can see the prompts at a Google Doc that I’ve saved here. Any takers? I think we can publish songs here to the blog so we all get to enjoy each others’ creations. And if anyone has ideas for other prompts feel free to suggest them.

Edit: I should also add that I don’t particularly care whether your song follows the prompt or not – that’s just a means to spur some creativity.


Dave, Jordan, and I are bringing our families to a cabin in Flagstaff for Thanksgiving. What could be better than 6 adults and 8 children spending 4 days in a 1200 sq foot cabin?

I am seriously looking forward to it. So much so that my wife is getting annoyed when I bring it up.

I’m hoping it is at least as much fun as the Thanksgiving that Jenson and I spent in Zion Park. That was a good trip.


So I’m doing this project for school that I’m actually a little bit excited about.  Its called 20or20 the Challenge to Fight Obesity.  Essentially I’m challenging people to do 20 minutes of aerobic exercise or donate $20 to fight obesity.  I’ve got a website I’ve been developing with help from Steel at  I’m looking to fully launch the project on November 1st.  I’ve recorded some videos of me doing 20 minutes of different exercise and making goofy attempts to set world records.  I’m looking for a little help from you guys to promote it by taking the challenge and posting about it November 1st.

Stuff you could do

– Make a video of doing 20 minutes of some kind of exercise

– Do 20 minutes of exercise – take a picture and post it on facebook or something with a link to my site

– Try to set a world record (example I tried to do the most push-ups in 20 minutes and then submitted it to record setter.  You could probably break my record Dan).

– Do 20 minutes of exercise you don’t normally do and post about with linking to my site.

I’m not big on social media or self promotion but I actually feel pretty strongly about this.  Obesity is a major problem in the United States that is totally preventable.  The idea behind the project is to get people to do something they don’t normally do to help them consider their physical fitness level and their overall health.  Obesity thrives when people don’t think about it.  The project is trying to make people more mindful about what they are doing to their bodies.

Looking for a writer

Hey guys,

I am looking for a writer for my game. I would like to story telling to be done similar to the game Thomas Was Alone (look it up). I have a basic plot outlined already so I just need someone who knows how to write to turn my story into something interesting. It would not be too much work, If you  guys know anyone who would be interested in doing a bit of writing for a game let me know.  I would love to talk to them.