Off the Chain

So here’s my idea for an awesome podcast.  First it’s called, “Off the Chain.”  A phrase that packs serious power.  Second the concept is that the podcast would just be a discussion of what was off the chain during the week.  For example this week I would discuss

Backdraft – Just watched it again this week.  In 1991 I would have put some real money on Billy Baldwin being a huge star.  Plus Kurt Russel saying, “You go…We go,” as he stares into the heart of a sweet warehouse fire and tries to save the life of the man that just tried to kill him makes me want to finally become a man.

–  Wooden train sets – We just got a ton more of the Ikea wooden train set stuff and it is awesome.  I just want to play with it all the time.  We’ve got enough train track to fill the entire living room and about 15 train cars.

There would be a cohost discussing the things he/she thinks is off the chain this week as well.  The back and forth dialogue may lead to eventually defining what it means for something to be off the chain (Arianne doesn’t understand the phrase but she also worked on a sewing project during backdraft so that puts her at a disadvantage).

Really I just enjoy talking about things that don’t matter in any real way.

Who’s in?

Song Challenge again!

Here is my submission guys.  I decide to do a cover in style of those Rockabye Baby CDs.  If you are not familiar with them, they are CDs of popular music turned into lullabies for babies.  Much easier to listen to than “The wheels on the bus” plus you get to feel cool that you have a hip baby who likes Smashing Pumpkins.

Anyway, I am glad there is a due date on these things because I could have probably spent another month making meaningless minor cuts and edits that wouldn’t have added too much to the production value.  This challenge has already helped me make progress creatively.