New Band Discovery

Last week a buddy of mine got me a free ticket to a concert.  I was just coming back from a vacation to DC.  I was really tired and not sure I wanted to go.  I had never even heard of this artist before and hadn’t taken the time to listen to any of his music beforehand.  But then I thought about how I had not been to a concert in over a year and decided it would be good for me to get out and see a new band.

I was really glad I did.  It was an awesome show.  Maybe it was because I went in with no expectations, but it was really refreshing to discover a new band that I like.  The artist is called Youth Lagoon and I have been listening to them a lot lately.  They feel like kind of a mix between St. Vincent and El Ten Eleven. Check it out.



Halloween is rad

So guys Halloween is completely radical.  We’ve been talking about it a lot at my house lately.  We’ve discussed some of my classic costumes (Bilbo Baggins, Captain America) and we’ve thought about what to wear this year (my costume will most likely involve a mustache).  so most of us have children at this point and children dressing in costumes is probably the cutest thing that is possible.  I’m just looking for some of us to share what our kids are going to dress as and maybe some pictures or something.  Here’s what my girls are planning to do…

Juniper – Piggie (this is her third year in a row as a pig she’s a huge fan)

Elsie – Doppey (the best of the 7 dwarfs by far)

Mabel – She’s not sure yet it is between a witch and dumbo right now.

Arianne – She’s not sure yet we are considering reusing our Simon and Pregnant Garfunkel costumes which is exactly how me and spence dressed when we dressed as them years ago (Arianne is pregnant.  That is an important part of being pregnant Garfunkel).