Another great Stoffer family email

Jon just sent out another gem of a response to one of my dad’s emails.  Here is a summary of the email chain followed by his exact response.

Dad: We want to redo the signs for the the Wholly Cow.  Here is the new design.  What do you think?

dad cow

Julie: That’s stupid.  This looks exactly like the old sign and the old sign is fine.  Don’t fix what’s not broken.


Jon: “Ok After a lot of consideration. I think I have a sign design that can work for all of us. Take a look.”

Displaying Cow.pngDisplaying Cow.pngCow

Sunday School

I’m wondering if I should just play an episode of Arrested Development for my Sunday School lesson this week.

Also, kudos to Arnold Friberg for perpetuating the “beards are a sign of evil” thing. That’s almost as awesome as Saturday’s Warrior’s cast of bad guys being composed of non-whites. I think the Asian guy even says “hell” as a curse word in that movie.