30 Rock, also Wisconsin visits

So Cobabe has been telling us (or at least me) for a long time that we should watch 30 Rock. I recently signed up for a free trial of Netflix and started watching episodes of it online, and I recently realized that I have watched 26 episodes in less than a month. I thought there was nothing good on TV now that Heroes is lame, but I stand corrected. If any of you guys are looking to waste you life in front of a screen, I highly recommend 30 Rock.

Also, Jon is coming to DC for the weekend and then heading back home to Wisconsin. I’ll be coming home for a few days as well. But I will let you guys know the exact dates before I show up. Steel and Spence you should probably give Jon a call in order to avoid another incident like last time. Here is a short transcript for everyone’s reading pleasure.

Sitting on the front lawn of the Wholly Cow last summer, Steel tells Jon and I about how Elisa has been in Idaho for the last month while Steel has stayed in Wisconsin working and not having much else to do.

Steel: “So when did you guys get into town.”

Alan: “Last night.”

Jon: “I’ve been here all summer.”

Steel and I stare at Jon in not-quite-disbelief for a moment

Steel: “…really Jon…”

See you guys this Summer.

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