A Sort of Pilgrimage

So, Jana and I have been in Europe for the last four weeks (I’m doing an externship in England), and on a beautiful day, I had a life-changing experience.

I finally found what I was looking for: Wi
ndmill Lane.

Jana and I took a little weekend trip up to Dublin–on the train for a while, and then across the water to the Emerald Isle. I quickly learned that the streets in Ireland do have names as I looked for what potential U2 sites we might see in town. Windmill Lane was the most prominent one. This is the studio where U2 recorded Boy, October, War, and The Joshua Tree. Reverently, I played a bit of air guitar to warm me up for this sacred experience.

As I walked upon this sacred ground, I could almost see the notes from the Edge’s ginsu guitar hanging on the air and feel Adam Clayton’s basslines pulsing through my veins. It was seriously the sweetest thing.

I had a moment of silence at the Wall.

Afterwards, I made sure to kneel before the Shrine to Bono and say a few Hail Larrys. I followed with an acapella rendition of “With or Without You” (having heard every acapella group in Provo do this song, I know the arrangement well).

It was truly a moment of surrender.

After feeling like I was truly one with the studio, I got up and it was time to leave. I felt grateful to U2 for helping to light my way through life. But as I was walking away, I thought: no, at least one more, in the name of love. And I turned back and I saw this, and I realized that Tobias had said it best:

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