Awesome City is a group blog maintained by Team Awesome, a group of friends who went to college together in Utah in the early 2000s. There are 11 original Awesomites and an ever growing number of adopted members of the team.

Tyler has a law degree. He and his wife Melanie have a young daughter named Emmeline.

Mark had graduate degrees in business and law and now works as an consultant for an equity investment firm in Chicago. He and his wife Jana have a young son named August.

Jordan has a law degree and now works for a law firm in Las Vegas. He and his wife Rose have a young son named Felix.

Spencer has a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning and now works for a planning firm in Madison, Wisconsin. He and his wife Emeline have a daughter named Elsa and a son named Atticus.

Matt lives in Southern Utah where everything is just about perfect. He works for a psychiatric hospital. He and his wife Rachelle have four children.

Dan has a master’s degree in Business Administration. He and his wife Camille live in the Bay Area, where Dan works for Wells Fargo’s clean energy consulting branch.

Dave is a male nurse in Snowflake, Arizona. He and his wife Arianne have triplet daughters: Else, Mabel, and Juniper.

Romance teaches Latin in a prep school in upstate New York. He and his wife Karen have a son, Jared, and a young daughter.

Alan has a master’s degree in Business Administration and now works as a brand manager for General Mills in Minneapolis. He and his wife Marci have daughters named Stella and Violet.

Jon has a Nintendo power glove surgically installed in his right arm. The movie “The Legend of Bagger Vance” is loosely based on his friendship with mulleted golfer John Daly. Also, Jon was not conventionally conceived. He is actually the physical manifestation of Jim and Jan (his parents)’s collective unconscious.

In the future, Jon will invent a time machine. He will use it to level grind all his WoW characters and, using his insanely maxed out characters, will bring peace to Azeroth, ending the long and bloody Warcraft Wars. But the peace will only last for the duration of the period that his time travels traversed, at the end of which his characters will revert because in the film reel of time his earlier self would not have needed to travel in time to max out his characters, resetting the whole cycle.

Steel has graduate degrees in English literature and Library and Information Studies and works as an instructional technology consultant in Madison, Wisconsin. He and his wife Laurel have a young son named Cedar.

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