Agreement in the OC

Jon boy –

I’m agreeing with you on “Heroes.” In general, this season has been a bit more disappointing to me than the last season. We’ll see – I want to see Hiro and Ando back together, I want to see the Petrelli brothers teamed up, and I’d like to see Claire fall for a decent man once in a while, cuz let’s be honest – she is a babe.
So here I am, sitting in the OC after a fine day of surfing during my fall break. I keep hoping that Buster or Gob or someone recognizable from Arrested Development would show up and spice things up, but it actually is a pretty nice place. I’ve been staying at my aunt’s beach house in Newport Beach, including a morning jog to Balboa Island, where I see hundreds of women in their sixties who could easily be Lucille Bluth. It is beautiful down here, however, and there are a lot of beautiful women. So, that’s been my fall break. Conference was great; life in general is pretty good. Rock on, Team Awesome.
– Mark

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