Alan Throws His Guitar

So Alan had his reception-redo last night. It was pretty good, although I’m sorry you guys weren’t there. Some stories and jokes that nobody else understands/finds funny except us would have been good.

I did give a toast to Alan and Marci and I also told a story that I think you would have appreciated so I am going to re-tell it here.

The setting was the Wilkinson Center Ballroom right before our first battle of the bands at BYU (2004). Jordan had just fixed the strap on Alan’s guitar (he was always fixing things on Alans guitars) and Alan decided to test its durability right before the show by doing the old “throw the guitar over the shoulder” trick. As Alan was getting prepared to throw the guitar he started to get that nervous wide eyed look and his motor skills became slightly shakey, kind of like when he has to pass a semi truck on the highway. The first throw, although it lacked finesse, was completed successfully and the guitar returned safely to his hands. His confidence grew, his eyes were less wide, and he seemed more sure of his hand-eye-coordination and basic motor skills. He threw it again. Success. Now you could see that Alan was pretty excited and thought he was a one bad dude. His confidence in his newfound abilities grew significantly. He threw it a third time with tremendous force and as the guitar reached the top of its arc somehow the strap came unloose and Alans guitar sailed off in a perfect tangent, crashing through the backstage barrier and onto the floor. Alan dropped into a half crouch, put his hands to his head, and simply yelled “Oh No!”. Jordan and I were laughing hysterically. Jon probably said something along the lines of “Alan! Sometimes you are not an intelligent man!”. Alan used Hanks Telecaster, which sounded a lot better than his other guitar, to play the show that night.

I think I used the story to illustrate Alan’s ability to see something positive in the negative situations he encounters in life or something like that. Whatever. It’s a good story.

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