Aliens Are Building a MegaStructure Around KIC 8462852

Super-intelligent alien life pretty much confirmed. Apparently, aliens are building a Dyson Sphere or Dyson Swarm around a star in order to harvest its energy for their consumption. I can only assume they need more energy  to maintain their appearance generators in order to hide their reptilian form and continue their long-term conspiracy of human genetic and soul matrix manipulation in order to construct an artificial mer-ka-bah which they will use to transcend this dimension (where they’ve been imprisoned by the Pleiadeans or maybe Annunaki, we don’t know for sure) so they can, yet again, attempt to invade Oliblish, the Key to Power. Of course, they still haven’t found a way to diffuse the processes of Kae-e-vanrash (the transmittal of light/the Grand Key) or kli-flos-is-es (a/k/a hau-ko-kau-beam or the transmittal of power) and thus will ultimately be thwarted and banished forever into the 5th Dimension (what we call outer darkness). Not telling you anything you don’t already know though.





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