Another Reason to Visit Steel

Hey Guys, I have good news. As you probably know I have been going through the whole MBA application process. Well, at last I can report that it is all over and I will be attending UW-Madison in the fall. I’m pretty excited to be joining the ranks of great men like Steel Wagstaff, Spencer Gardner, Greg Rose, and Dick Cheney.

It feels great to be done with this whole process. I have spent over a year researching programs, studying for the GMAT, writing essays, getting recommendations, visiting schools, and interviewing. It has been quite an ordeal. I applied to five schools which is a lot for MBA programs. I applied to Harvard, Northwestern, Berkeley, Indiana University, and UW Madison. Harvard rejected me without even an interview. My interview at Northwestern went really well and I really thought I had a great shot at getting in. But alas they said no too. I think it was a clerical error though because Indiana and Madison both accepted me and gave me free tuition. On top of that Madison is offering me a monthly stipend. I had a really hard time choosing between the schools because they both have top programs for the field I want to go into. The two schools are so similar in fact that they both even had a native Norwegian on staff. So I couldn’t even use that to make the final decision. In the end though Madison won because I would much rather live in Madison than Bloomington, Indiana. Also the program at Madison is smaller so students get much more personal attention from professors and recruiters. I’m still waiting to hear back from Berkeley, but at this point I don’t think I would even consider them if they accepted me.
I’m looking forward to being a Badger and hopefully some of you guys will take Steel up on his offer.

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