Free Place to Stay in Sunny Minnesota

Hey Guys, So Marci and I are finally leaving the land of shared walls.  After 5 years of renting apartments we are finally renting a house.  I’m excited because it means we will have more room for when the baby comes, but mostly I am excited to finally have a place to set up my drums.

Dan, you can fly out and play funk music with me anytime.  And that goes for the rest of you too.  You see, my apartment complex doesn’t seem to understand what month-to-month means.  So, even though we are moving on July 26th, we will be paying rent on our other place through the end of August.

So if anyone wants to come up and visit us in Minneapolis you will have your own 2 bedroom two bathroom apartment to stay in.  Let’s try and put that $1,500 to good use.

Awesome Music from Minnesota Public Radio

Well, we are now officially donating to public radio.  After years of free loading off the people that donated their cars to the station, Marci and I ponied up $5 a month to our favorite local station – 89.3 The Current.  

I started listening to this station in DC on a coworker’s recommendation and it has been a favorite ever since.  Let me tell you why this station is awesome.
1)  They play good music – all kinds
They lean heavily on Indie music, but will play any song from any genre if it is good.  This is the only station I know that will play Hip Hop, Willie Nelson, These guys, and Marvin Gay all in the same set. As I write this they are playing Miles Davis.  I’ve even heard classical music on there.
Check out their playlist and see what songs you have been missing.
2) They play deep cuts from albums.  
The Current plays the hits but they also play tracks from great albums that never made it to the radio. They will play that Sigur Ros song that is 10 minutes long.  They will play Space Junk by Devo.  They will play the lesser known Hendrix stuff.  
3) They have some pretty entertaining theme playlists.
the 9:30 Coffee Break – Every weekday at 9:30 they announce a theme and ask for requests based on that theme. 
The no apologies track.  Everyday at 4:00 they play something like this and don’t even apologize for it.  
I’ve found some pretty good new music listening to the station too.  Recently I bought albums by St. Vincent, Lucius, Beck, Vampire Weekend, and Jeremy Messersmith because I heard it on this station.
So what I am saying is that I am paying for this station even though I don’t have to.  You guys should start listening too.
What have you guys been listening to?  Besides Jethro Tull I mean.  Any other good stations out there that I can stream at work?

Happy New Year!

Just wanted to sneak in one last entry so we hit 30 posts in 2013.  For 2014 I am resolving to post on here more often and I think it would be cool if we all did the same.  I don’t call most of you guys as much as I should so this site is the main way I find out what is going on in your lives.  It would be a real shame if this blog fizzled out.  So let’s keep it going strong and post even if you aren’t making fun of Dan Jennejohn.

As for me I just got back from Christmas in Idaho where I grew a manly beard, went snow boarding, and shot clay pigeons with a shot gun.  It was nice to get out of the metropolis.  Spence it’s too bad your family doesn’t live in IF anymore.  We could have hung out.

Anyway here are some pictures from my trip and some pictures of my adorable daughter.

Bad News

Hey Guys,

Some of you may have heard already, but Marci had a miscarriage.  It happened a couple weeks ago and it was a very sad and kind of traumatic experience.  The pregnancy had been very hard on Marci so while we are sad for the loss, I am relieved she is no longer suffering.

We told family and close friends about the pregnancy because we figured we were far enough along. Marci was 13 weeks when it happened.  The doctors said it is pretty rare to have a miscarriage at that point.

We are doing fine now and our ward has been very supportive.  My mom flew in when it happened and we took a trip to Madison so Marci could spend some time with her friends there.  We are doing much better.

Goodbye Madison

Marci and I are moving from Madison this week.  We have been busy cramming a lot of things into the time we have had off between school and work.

First we took a trip to Idaho for about a month to see Marci’s family.  Marci’s mom died unexpectedly of a heart attack in May.  While it was a sad event, we enjoyed spending time with Marci’s family and Stella learned a ton from her cousins.

We came back and got to work checking off everything on our Madison todo list.  We had a nine course meal at a fancy restaurant in town, we went on a long bike ride around the lake, we went to an outdoor Shakespeare performance and we went to the farmers market and bought a painting of Madison from a local artist.

We are going to miss it here and are more sad to leave than we are excited to arrive in MN.  However, that is exactly how we felt when we were moving from DC to Madison.  So Hopefully that is a good sign.

I start work on July 8th at General Mills.  I will be working on Gold Medal Flour.  I’m pretty excited about it because it is a big brand and it is good for you.  So you guys should all start buying it.  Mark, see if you can get Wal-Mart to double their next few orders.  That would help me out a lot.

Jon Does Something Unexpected

Hey Guys,

Yesterday Jon was mountain biking (I know, right…) and he had a pretty bad spill.  He got a compression fracture in one of his vertebrae and had to go to the emergency room.  He will be fine but he is in a lot of pain and will be bed ridden for a few days.  I’m pretty sure he is sick of lying in bed watching TV so he would probably appreciate a call from a few of his friends.  801-916-7371

Mark’s second biggest fan

It is recruiting season at the Wisconsin MBA program and that means I get to take prospective students out to lunch on the school’s dime.

The other week I was out to lunch with a guy named Michael Weber.  When I introduced myself he told me that he already knows me and when he saw my name on his schedule he got really excited.  I couldn’t place him.  Then he told me that he went to Waukesha North High School and was in the same battle of the bands as ZTN. (He wasn’t in Uncle Angus. I checked.)  Turns out he is a big Zero to Nothing fan though.  He still has the album and he could sing lines from his favorite song “MTV”.

I decided that was pretty cool and offered to email him a bunch of the stuff we recorded in college, which naturally he thought was awesome.  

Ronin’s first Beta Test

Hey guys, My video game company has just started beta testing our first product.  It’s for a non-profit called Cool Choices.  If you have been curious at all about the kind of stuff we are building this you chance to see it for yourself.

To play, just register an account at this link:

It is only a beta version so it is still pretty rough.  You can join my team, or if you think you are hot stuff you can start your own team.  I have added a detailed description of the beta test below
Enjoy guys.

Hello and thanks again for agreeing to participate in the Cool Choices beta.

About the Cool Choices game
Cool Choices is a simple card game that gives you credit for environmentally sustainable practices. The game is played in teams, and usually it’s played in organizations like businesses and schools.
There’s really only one rule: Make a Cool Choice as often as you can. The team that makes the most Cool Choices by the end of the game wins!
In full implementations of the game, players are going to receive an actual printed deck of cards with all of the possible Cool Choices they can make. The cards aren’t printed yet so for this beta test, you’ll be able to see virtual versions of the different Cool Choices you can make using the online interface. As the game proceeds, new Cool Choices will become available for you to make. During a regular version of the game this happens each week, but since this beta test is only two weeks long it will happen much more quickly.
When the game starts you’ll be able to make one Cool Choice each day. As the game goes on you can either unlock the ability to make more Cool Choices by making enough of them, or eventually the ability to make more Cool Choices (up to 6) each day will become available to all players.
In the beginning of this test only the mobile web version of the Cool Choices site will be available. You’ll be able to access it through a desktop browser as well. However the display you will see is the one optimized for mobile. By later next week a regular desktop browser version of the interface should be available as well.
Registering a beta account
In order to register a Cool Choices beta account and start playing, just go to this link:
and follow the directions. It’s important that you us a real email address, and note that we will be sending you updates about the game at that address over the course of the game. In addition, we will send a short survey to the email address you register with at the end of the test period. 
Reporting errors 
If you encounter any errors while playing Cool Choices, please go to the error reporting form we have setup using Google by following this link:
and describe the issue you encounter. The form will also ask you for a few other details about how you were playing the game when you ran into trouble.
Otherwise, just email me if you have any other questions or non-bug related issues with the game, or email Raj Shukla (Cc’d on this email) if you have questions about Cool Choices in general, or think you might be interested in setting up a game of Cool Choices in your organization.
Thanks again for helping Ronin and Cool Choices make a better game.