Looking for a writer

Hey guys,

I am looking for a writer for my game. I would like to story telling to be done similar to the game Thomas Was Alone (look it up). I have a basic plot outlined already so I just need someone who knows how to write to turn my story into something interesting. It would not be too much work, If you  guys know anyone who would be interested in doing a bit of writing for a game let me know.  I would love to talk to them.

Building a Game

So about 6 months ago I decided I was tired of sitting around playing video games after work. I still love gaming but I wanted to do something a little more fulfilling when I was just relaxing at home. I decide to instead see if I could learn to build a video game myself.

It has been an awesome task as I started with absolutely none of the skills needed for game design. Since beginning this task I have become quite a skillful computer programmer. I still make stick figures in hand drawn art, and while I still have a way to go but am quickly become proficient at 2D and 3D art design. Next month I will be attending a seminar to learn the basics of 3D animation.

Anyway it has been a cool learning experience. I will post an early build of my game in the not too distant future.

My fall from Glory

So, I broke my back a little. Yep, I was mountain biking last Friday and my co-workers were like hey lets go try out the obstacle course. I was like okay. We got to this thing called the teeter totter and I decided I would be cool and do it. I ended up teeter tottering right of the top of the thing onto my head. Man that hurt. I remember seeing the ground rushing at me and flailing around in pain. Luckily some nice Christian blokes showed up gave some prayers and helped carry me to a truck. Well they rushed me off to the ER and a cat scan confirmed a small compression fracture. No concussion though (let that be a lesson kids, always wear your helmet). The ER doctor said that outside of surgery there really isn’t anything that can be done to speed the healing on this type of injury. So they gave me some narcotics and told me that is the pain doesn’t continue improving over time I should go see a specialist. Well the pain has improved a lot over the past week so I have not seen a specialist yet. But I may go to one next week just to be safe. Anyways I think I am done being cool now. From now on when I ski or bike I am not doing any crazy jumps or tricks. I am just gunna enjoy the ride as is.

Marks Biggest Fan!

I was chatten it up with a coworker the other day and she wanted to hear some Zero to Nothing. As it happens, I had A cry in vain on my ipod, so I booted it up. After a few seconds of listening she said. “Your singer is really good”. So there you go Mark, don’t stop Beltin out the high notes!

So I had a dream last night that Mark came to visit me… It seemed so real because the first thing he did when he came in was ask me if he could eat a bunch of my food. So last night two guys broke into 30 cars outside my house. Criminals must be real dumb. They got caught because they parked in the complex with all the stolen stuff in their car to watch the cops. Also they broke the windows by punching them with a sock over their fists to protect against the glass… Apparently their hands got really messed up. Even cavemen understand the concept of “rock smash!”. O-well

So I was in the shower when I got the call that they wanted to hire me. So my first time ever talking to my new boss I was wet, steamy and naked! My title is Environmental Investigator for the TCEQ. I was pretty stoked to find out more about my new job so I found this training video which I think sums it up pretty well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vxEimC3HME

The life of little Stoffer

Hey guys So I was talking with my girlfriend about awesome city the other day and realized I hadn’t posted on the blog for about a year… Far too long. So just a quick update on my life. I am dating a girl here in Houston, she is a math/theater major hoping to get into teaching. Things seem to be going good on that front but you never know… or at least I never seem to. I also just interviewed for an entry level job with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The interview went really well so I am feeling pretty positive right now. Currently I am a biologist for a local aquarium. The work is fun and involves a lot of diving with fishes but there is not much of a future in it so I am really hoping that this job works out. Other than that I am basically finished with school so if I can get the job and keep the girl I will feel truly content for the first time in ages… that would be nice.

Bermuda… again

My first week has come to a close and what a week it has been. I woke up this morning to a crowing rooster outside my window, this is not because I live near a farm but because chickens have overrun the island. The funny thing though is that with all the wild chickens on the island I never see any chicken road kill. I guess chickens are smarter than we thought, or at least smarter than most squirrels. Poor squirrels. Speaking of roads, I think the drivers on these roads have learned to break the laws of physics, primarily that no two objects can occupy the same space. Because even though they are all 2 lanes, they are driven like 4 lane roads constantly, especially by the motorbikes. These guys must exist on a separate plane of reality because they seem to move through traffic independently of what the car traffic is doing. I also must assume all cars here are equipped with radar because almost all drivers (even the cars) seem to be completely comfortable with passing each other even if they can only see the next hundred feet of road. My week has consisted primarily of hiking around to cave sites and dealing with computer issues. Hiking around can get very hot with all the equipment I carry meaning that when I am done I sometimes look like I jumped into the ocean. Between the cave dirt and my sweating, I am not sure if any of my cloth will survive this trip. Hiking around also makes me way hungry but they have these cool wild cherries here so I eat them a lot. Other than that, I try to eat from home as much as possible to save money. We had a party last night for some BZS people which was a nice chance to get to know some other people in the area. They all seemed interested in what I was doing and most said they would like to buddy up with me while I go out some time. I hope they have cars because Tom (my PI)rented a motor bike for us while he was here and I got a little spoiled by it. Public Trans in Bermuda pretty much sucks, many bus routes only come once an hour and some stop by 5pm. But I am on my own now, so I have to make due with what I have. One issue I am learning about right now is permission. About 1/3of all the caves I am sampling require some form of permission to be in. And a couple of the land owners have a deep seeded hatred for Tom because he saved their caves when they wanted to make a shiny new hotel in place of them. So Tom has been unofficially telling me to just sneak into those caves near night fall for the sampling and to not mention his name if caught. I just need to play like a dumb tourist. One last thing I did this week was I had a 2nd chance to go snorkeling while Tom was diving a cave. It was once again amazing with thousands of fish and I even saw a huge Morey Eel. I also went snorkeling with some BZS girls in a cave today, which is good way relaxing after a long hike. Cave water also tends to be very clear as long as you do not stir up the bottom. To be honest I cannot fathom why someone would go into a boring old swimming pool in Bermuda. The guests at St. Georges are crazy. Anyway I can’t think of too much more to say for now so I guess I’ll sign off.


So I just got into Bermuda and I can tell this is going to be a wild time. Leaving the small airport I was quick to realize how disorientating it is to see people driving on the wrong side of the road. I still feel like we are going to crash every time my driver changes roads. First thing we did was check into my apt. They were unsure about the person I am renting from but things have worked out so far so here is hoping my luck holds. My place is $550 a week which is incredibly cheap for Bermuda. But the club has this $50 mandatory food bill. Basically I have to eat at least $50 worth of food from the St. Georges club restaurant. Pretty silly huh? The apt. is very nice; the biggest room is oddly the bathroom. But I have no internet in my apt ($10 per day!) so it is a pain right now to email cause I had to find a local free hot spot.
My first day I went snorkeling. Gil (a friend of Tom’s) took me to a local cave he was diving that day since Tom was not in yet. While he went down I pattled around the coast line in my snorkel gear. It was definitely the best snorkeling I have ever done before. The mouth of the cave and the rocks along the coast were teaming with life. Colorful fish ranging from a couple centimeters to about 1.5 feet. I even found (and got inked by) a school of cuddle fish. They can change color so fast, it is pretty cool. I probably examined at least half a mile of coast on this dive. Later that night we went to a dinner party thrown by the BZS. I got to meet a few people and eat a ton of good food. Fish, steak, kabobs, chicken, you really missed out dad. Then everyone insisted I try fish and chips and I must say… I was not very good at all (but I said it was great) basically it is a potato wedge like what you get at the school café and a beaded fish flavored thing worthy of McDonalds with vinegar and salt poured on top… so ya… whatever. Anyway after eating half a cow I went home meet up with Tom and hit the sack.
The next day (sun) I to the bus to church parched. We had no water in our apt. that morning. Pretty small ward here, and meet up with all my future buddies some seemed pretty interested in helping me and I think the missionaries were excited at the prospect of doing more adventurous things with me as service so hopefully buddies will be no problem for me. After church I meet up with the others and we hit up a gas station for lunch (we have not made it to the grocery store yet) $7.50 for a gas station sandwich, welcome to Bermuda. After that it was time to hit up the caves. We meet up with a couple very attractive girls in their twenties who work at BZS and went leap frogging from cave/pool to cave/pool. Very beautiful place the water in these pools come in 3 colors, deep blue, light teal and crystal clear. We hit up about 18 cave pools that day some were open surface and other required a bit of caving to get to. In one of the coastal pools we found a lot of fish including a parrot fish and a barracuda. After we ran out of steam we finished up the day at a popular local restaurant and had more excellent food. I had the Nacho explosion, it was huge and awesome. It was also only $13.50. Most restaurant meals here are about $15-$20. After that we went home showered and went to bed.
Anyway I should go so we can do today’s adventure.

Hey I need ALL of your e-mail addresses so I can send out batcher party invites asap. If you want an invite then send me your email in this post. no email = no invite.

Also I just gave the same hobo a few bucks and a ride in my car twice in one evening… I don’t know how he kept finding me. Are hobo’s more organized than the world previosely thought? And if so is it wize to let them rome free as we do?