Free Steven Pressfield eBook

Just got this email and am passing it on. I am a fan of Steven Pressfield. His book Do the Work has influenced my life.

If any of you get the book I’d love to talk with you about it.

I’ve recently hit a wall in my current project (Storygridding The Tipping Point) and I’ve found myself going back again and again to Steve Pressfield’s book Do The Work to stay the course.So for fun, Steve and I are offering our subscribers free eBook versions of Do The Work for over the weekend inspiration.You can click here to get yours.
Shawn Coyne


Dave, Jordan, and I are bringing our families to a cabin in Flagstaff for Thanksgiving. What could be better than 6 adults and 8 children spending 4 days in a 1200 sq foot cabin?

I am seriously looking forward to it. So much so that my wife is getting annoyed when I bring it up.

I’m hoping it is at least as much fun as the Thanksgiving that Jenson and I spent in Zion Park. That was a good trip.