Awesome Music from Minnesota Public Radio

Well, we are now officially donating to public radio.  After years of free loading off the people that donated their cars to the station, Marci and I ponied up $5 a month to our favorite local station – 89.3 The Current.  

I started listening to this station in DC on a coworker’s recommendation and it has been a favorite ever since.  Let me tell you why this station is awesome.
1)  They play good music – all kinds
They lean heavily on Indie music, but will play any song from any genre if it is good.  This is the only station I know that will play Hip Hop, Willie Nelson, These guys, and Marvin Gay all in the same set. As I write this they are playing Miles Davis.  I’ve even heard classical music on there.
Check out their playlist and see what songs you have been missing.
2) They play deep cuts from albums.  
The Current plays the hits but they also play tracks from great albums that never made it to the radio. They will play that Sigur Ros song that is 10 minutes long.  They will play Space Junk by Devo.  They will play the lesser known Hendrix stuff.  
3) They have some pretty entertaining theme playlists.
the 9:30 Coffee Break – Every weekday at 9:30 they announce a theme and ask for requests based on that theme. 
The no apologies track.  Everyday at 4:00 they play something like this and don’t even apologize for it.  
I’ve found some pretty good new music listening to the station too.  Recently I bought albums by St. Vincent, Lucius, Beck, Vampire Weekend, and Jeremy Messersmith because I heard it on this station.
So what I am saying is that I am paying for this station even though I don’t have to.  You guys should start listening too.
What have you guys been listening to?  Besides Jethro Tull I mean.  Any other good stations out there that I can stream at work?

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