Blast from the Missionary Past

I’ve been spending some time lately going through old boxes, scanning stuff, and recycling all kinds of things. No use carrying around boxes of old papers I’ll never look at, I thought. Today, I spent big chunks of the day organizing, rereading, and scanning a bunch of old photographs and letters from my mission. Including some amazing letters from Mark, Jordan, Spencer, Lauren Stromberg, and Dave Pringle! I’ve made a folder with some PDFs inside that you should all be able to access here. If anyone wants me to mail them their original letters for posterity’s sake, let me know, otherwise I may be recycling them soon. I love you all and was so glad to know you as a young man–you’ve all made me better, happier, and wiser than I otherwise would have been. Thank you!

Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in these letters:

Stalin with a mullet. Original art by Mark Edwin Eliason, circa 2001.

Jordan in front of a stack of cars. Chicago, circa 2002?

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