Brothers, I’m Getting Married

Awesome Citizens,
If you and I have talked at all in the last year and a half, you probably know that I’ve been dating a really wonderful woman named Laurel Bastian and that I’ve been happier than I have been since we were all living together. I’m writing to announce that Laurel and I are planning to get married in Wisconsin on April 21st, 2012. We haven’t finalized the venue yet, but we’re hoping to have a very small, very simple ceremony with immediate family and very close friends only, followed by a reception that evening at the Goodman Center in Madison. I’d love for any or all of you and your spouses/partners to attend. We’ve got a landline now (sort of–it’s actually through MagicJack), and I’d love to talk to you in person about your lives and mine, so please call whenever you feel like it: 608.514.7006. Look for a generic email from me with contact information in the next few minutes. Hope life is going well for all of you.

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