Don’t be jealous

…but Marci and I are going to see the greatest lyricist of our time at the Fairfax County Fair tonight. I wonder if he will sing Semi-Charmed Life?

Last night we had a much less enjoyable concert experience. Mumford & Sons were playing at an amphitheater in Maryland. They are a really good band but I didn’t want to pay a lot to see them, so I bought lawn tickets. Big mistake. The back lawn of the venue was full of nothing but undergrads who were more interested in getting roaring drunk than listening to the music. Mumford & Sons has a lot of quiet songs, and we could hardly hear half the time because everyone around us was shouting at the top of their lungs and being generally annoying in all sorts of ways. I just kept thinking “Why did you guys pay $50 to come to this show when you can get drunk at home for free?”

Anyway, I learned a few important lessons last night. First, don’t ever go see a band that has had a hit video on MTV. Stick to obscure bands who haven’t made it big because they will play in smaller venues and the fans will come because they want to hear the music and not because it is a new place to get drunk. Second, If you must see a popular band in a big, sold-out venue, it is always worth it to pay more for the better seats.

Or maybe last night was just a stark reminder that I am getting old.

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