Happy Thanksgiving!

Gentlemen –

I thought I would share a few thoughts and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! First of all, I wanted to say…I went to see Coldplay last night, and you will all be proud to know that Chris Martin started the show out wearing a jacket and then he took it off after a few songs. It was a great concert. At one point, they came out to the middle of the arena and sang a song standing on the stairs (a great acoustic version of “The Scientist”).

I’m grateful at this time of year for the country in which we live and for the blessings of the gospel. This is (despite its many detractors) a great nation. I’m also thankful for friends and family. To top it off, I’m really grateful for the opportunity I have had to get a great education.

In another note, I think it’s time for us to start planning our next reunion/adventure. Does anyone have any suggestions for when and where we can all get together next? Let me konw what you think.

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