So I figured it was about time to write something on this thing. Life is good. I’m living in the J. Golden Kimball building at Wymount which allows me to swear in church…so that’s exciting. Actually, church is pretty obnoxious out here. Lots of strange people wondering when you’re going to have a baby and all that. It’s made me realize what a unique group of guys we had in/around the house. Besides that, school is moving along. I’ve actually switched up my plans a little bit. Melanie is graduating in April and I’d have a year left at that point – which means she would be a year into grad school when I’d be graduating. That would complicate things a bit so after talking to some of my professors I’ve added an English major to my American Studies major which means I’ll be finishing my undergrad when my wife is done with her grad work. Then I’ll hopefully have something lined up in terms of grad school – I’m planning on studying 20th century American literature at this point. I also just applied for an ORCA grant with Dr. Sederholm’s help. I’d be looking at Philip Roth’s The Plot Against America alongside Michael Chabon’s The Yiddish Policemen’s Union if all works out. Both deal with alternative histories relating to the Jews/Holocaust/World War II. Besides all that, being married has been good. Although I did get really upset the other night after a fight we had and I ended up beating a paddle-boat to pieces while my neighbors yelled at me…just kidding.

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