It’s been a long time

…since I listened to the same song 10 times in a row, but I just did.

I don’t know if it was because I was bored at work, because the video features sad storm troopers or because I’m still amazed that you can watch videos on YouTube in 720p.

Anyway, what I like about it is… I’m not really sure exactly, but the guitar solo has a nice demonstration of tasteful use of the tremolo (whammy bar). I guess it just feels like everything fits where it is supposed to be.

You can watch the music video by clicking the link above, and the song is also available as a free download here.

On a related note, have you seen the In the Basement live performance by Radiohead on YouTube? It’s pretty amazing and is also in high definition. If only ZTN and Vajra had a studio like that. Wow. Check it out. Radiohead – In the Basement (live).

Embedded vids below for lazies.

Scattered Trees – Love and Leave

Radiohead – bunch of stuff

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